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  • 20 January
    In his now-famous “Sighted Man of Peace” address to the Federation Council, Senior Councilman Abraham Dannon recommends offering a peace treaty to the Romulans. During the next ten days, advocates of both viewpoints hold heated discussions on the proposition.
  • The Klingons conquer the icy world TaD (“frozen”), making the native Al’Hamatti the status of jeghpu’wI. A satellite is placed in orbit for the Klingon overseers and the planet is mined for its rich deposits of topaline.
    [TNG #061]
  • 01 February
    The Federation Council votes on Councilman Dannon‘s proposal for a peace offer. The measure is accepted by a one-vote margin, and is immediately transmitted via subspace radio to the Romulan Star Empire.
  • 28 April: The Federation Council receives a response from the Romulan Star Empire. According to their Imperial Senate, the treaty must contain the provisions that no members of the warring races meet face-to-face, and that no ships cross a negotiated Neutral Zone. Additional information on the exact location, dimensions, and restrictions applying to the Neutral Zone are also emphatically requested. Councilman Dannon, placed in charge of the subspace negotiations, responds within one week.
  • 01 May: The Battle of Cheron is fought in Romulan space between two squadrons of Federation ships and remnants of four Romulan groups. The battle ends inconclusively when neither side has any combat-capable ships remaining. This battle marks the Federation‘s last opportunity to organize a fleet strong enough to reach the supposed location of the Romulan homeworld. It is considered a victory nevertheless, because the Romulans lose more than the Federation. Admiral Alex Hamilton, commander of the flagship Hannibal of the Marshall class, announces the end of the Romulan War. Dr. Mordecai Challah urges reconsideration for a Code 1 Priority Research effort to discover the cause and a cure for a new medical affliction resulting from the war effort: rapid-growth cancer of the skin and skeletal structure apparently from Romulan laser bombardment.
    [FASA, TNG-158]
  • Dandridge and Torriente will later publish accounts of the Romulan War to be studied at the Starfleet Academy.
    [TOS #085]
  • Captain Lucian Murat‘s ship, the U.S.S. Verdun, battles the Tarn ship Rashasa in the Torgu-Va system. The Verdun carries a complement of over 918, runs on a Gotherin 8-B computer, has warp 3 potential, and is armed with laser batteries, antimatter torpedoes, plasma bombs, and thermonuclear mines. Both ships are severely damaged and the crews abandon ship, escaping to a habitable planet in the system. The Federation survivors will build a stasis field to extend the life of Captain Murat. The Verdun is officially logged as overdue and presumed lost either due to mechanical failure or hostile action.
    [TNG #057]
  • 17 June: Stranded for seven months on what is now known as Baker’s World, the crewmen from the U.S.S. Cavalier are picked up by the U.S.S. Lorelei without having suffered any casualties. For his skill and leadership, Lieutenant Lawrence David Baker receives the Starfleet Commendation of Valor and a promotion, as well as becoming an immediate media hero.
  • 28 July: The Romulans communicate with the Federation government and insist on additional territorial gains for the Romulan Star Empire. In exchange, they are willing to accept higher restrictions on Neutral Zone outposts. Dannon reluctantly makes many of the necessary concessions, and President Thorpe ratifies the completed Treaty of Peace. The treaty is transmitted to the Romulan Star Empire.
  • 04 August: The Romulan War ends with the Treaty of Alpha Trianguli, between Praetor Karzan of the Romulan Star Empire and Cristofur Thorpe, President of the Federation. It is the first treaty in Federation history to be negotiated entirely by data upload over subspace radio (Frequency K).
    [TOS #035, TNG-158, SFTM, STM, TOS-08]
  • 09 September: The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire broadcasts its ratification of the Treaty of Peace on all subspace frequencies. The message is picked up by Federation starships along the border, and the treaty terms go into immediate effect. After 17 years of piratical attacks and declared hostilities, the Romulan War is finally over after staggering losses on both sides.
  • 10 September: The Romulan Neutral Zone, an egg-shaped area of space 10 light years in width, 750 parsecs along the galactic longitudinal plane and extending to the outer boundary of the galaxy in the vertical plane, with 128 Trianguli at the center, is established and construction begins on asteroid outposts bordering on the Zone. A period of withdrawal permitted by the treaty will last until July of 2165. All invading Federation and Romulan forces begin retreating at maximum warp speed to their respective sides of the new boundary.
  • Entry into the Neutral Zone by any Federation vessel will be a violation of interstellar treaty and logged as ‘Prohibited P-091.’
  • October: The Orion Colonies sign non-aggression and trade treaties with the Federation, but still remain outside the Federation.
  • At this time, realizing that they are technologically outclassed and outnumbered, and that they have no hope of winning a prolonged conflict, the Romulans consolidate along the new Neutral Zone. They begin major construction of outposts to keep track of Federation forces and keep them in check. Just homeward of these outposts, forces for future expansion into Federation territory are built.
  • Atomic warfare rips away the atmosphere of Alpha Xaridian IV, obliterating the populance.
    [TOS #059]
  • Dohlman Kiyaan, fourteenth of the line of Sevuth, reigns on the planet Elas. She will reign for only three Elasian years until the revolt of the Snake Clans.
    [TOS #068]
  • The Rey of Gullrey begin their era of long-range space exploration.
    [TOS #067]
  • By this time, the Klingons have begun to perfect shipboard disruptor technology, which they are deploying throughout their fleet. At this time, the Klingon military is occupied with raids against the weakened Romulan border. The Orions nevertheless fear that the Klingons will soon turn their attention again in the direction of Rigel and her interstellar holdings. Realizing that any contact between the Federation and the Klingon Empire must inevitably lead to armed conflict, the Orions hastily negotiate several non-aggression and trade treaties with the Federation, but still do not join the Federation.
  • Within the next century, rumors of a race called the Narr become known to the Federation. There are no actual records of contacts with them, nor is there any idea of where their homeworld is located or even what they look like.
    [DoH #4]


  • 05 January: The negotiations establishing the Romulan Neutral Zone destroy the political aspirations of Councilman Dannon. His opponents claim that he, as chief negotiator, gave away too much of the disputed area to the Romulans. Dannon is politically censured, and later, loses his position as Federation Councilman.
  • January: With the Romulan War ended, budgetary constraints force Starfleet Command to decommission a number of warships. The Zone of Transport Escort is lifted, and galactic peace brings tremendous growth in industry, trade, and tourism.
  • A woman challenges the Right of Supersedence on Ligon II—the last to do so till 2364.
  • Marcus van Diemen is born.
    [TOS #016]
  • Old Lucy is born on Okeanos (Eris V).
    [TOS #066]
  • The Worlds Court bans the ownership of synthetic consciousnesses.
    [TOS #042]
  • A Federation sleeper ship departs for the Magellanic Cloud, a journey of several hundred years even with warp drive, the crew in suspended animation. The ship will be recovered by the Ambassador-class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C in the early 24th Century.
    [TNG #057]
  • The Snake Clans revolt on the planet Elas. Dohlman Skuah becomes the first of the line of Kesmeth. She will rule for nine Elasian years.
    [TOS #068]
  • A bottle of Saurian brandy of this year’s vintage will become a part of Flint the Immortal‘s collection within a century. McCoy will share it with Spock and Captain Kirk in 2263.
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).
  • Gralless of Tellar enters office as the Federation President.


  • The Federation and the Tarn enter into peace negotiations. A cease-fire is declared and a No-Entry Zone established. It will be another hundred years before the Tarn government open communications with the Federation and allow for mutual visits to command locations, and eventually an officer-exchange program.
    [TNG #057]
  • The Federation-M’dok War begins.
    [TNG #008]
  • The Delos system is first contacted by a Federation scoutship.The planet Onara is stricken by a plague and the cure (felicium) is found on the neighboring world, Brekka. A trading agreement is established.
  • The Energy Barrier at the edge of the galaxy is first detected.
    [TOS #086]
  • Neural nets fall out of favor for general use during this era. The reliability of parallel processors and subspace information buses that bypass the speed of light limitations solves the speed problem in conventional computers.
    [TOS #077]
  • The Hoshan are attacked in space and mistakenly assume the Zeator are responsible.
    [TOS #032]
  • Singa stows away aboard a ship bound for Raga’s Planet.
    [ON #06]
  • Klingon Chancellor Kadrya is born in the Empire.
    [TOS #016]
  • July: The period of withdrawal from the Neutral Zone permitted under peace treaty is now over. From this time on, no warship may cross the Romulan Neutral Zone. All Federation cultural exchange programs resume, after having been suspended during the Romulan War. Federation officials release a public survey poll showing rising confidence in the Federation and its ability to perform its intended duties.
  • 09 September: Shuvinaaljis Warp Technologies, Inc. is founded in Shuridar, Vulcan as a manufacturer of warp engine systems. They will later develop a new range of micro-warp engine technologies.
  • Mudpigs are discovered lumbering around Rigel IV.
    [TOS #031]
  • 17 December: S’Lek Varan is founded in Shuridar, Vulcan. A producer of auxiliary and support systems for both commercial and military craft, it will not only contract through the Vulcan government but also work as a sub-contractor for other less specialized shipbuilders on cooperative projects.


  • 21 March: Abraham Dannon, author of the Romulan/Federation peace treaty and chief negotiator of its provisions, is assassinated by a spectator at a political rally where he was scheduled to speak. A controversial, much-despised figure in his own time, Dannon will later be revered for his contributions to galactic peace. The Terran civilian decoration for peace, the Dannon Prize, will be named for him.
  • The planet Lorca is settled by colonists from Earth.
    [TNG #007]
  • The M’dok are defeated by the Federation and, like their Kzinti relatives, are stripped of their empire and confined to a small area of space.
    [TNG #008]
  • The Starfleet Lunar Hall of Justice is constructed in Oceanview on Earth‘s moon.
  • The Omega Sejanus system is colonized.
  • Privately funded genetics labs on Earth produce the first successful HumanVulcan hybrid. The accomplishment is kept secret for almost a century.
    [TOS #044]
  • Guinan meets Q during this era.



  • Starbase 12 is commanded by Admiral Uttan Narsu.
  • The Daedalus class starship U.S.S. Essex NCC-173, commanded by Captain Bryce Shumar, is lost with all hands at Mab-Bu VI‘s moon.
  • The Bekeem colony ship is completed.
    [TNG #014]
  • A Cardassian farmer stumbles onto a Hebitian tomb in what was once the kingdom of Klu’haa. Before the discovery is a day old, the burial chamber is looted by the farmer and his starving neighbors and its treasures exchanged for food on the black market. They will all die within weeks from a vicious strain of ‘viper’s eye’—one of several deadly diseases that had ravaged Cardassia off and on for several centuries. The nearly bankrupt Cardassian government begins to excavate the surrounding countryside in the hope of finding additional tombs and artifacts. When a second burial chamber is uncovered, its riches wind up in the hands of the then-humble Cardassian Central Command, which uses them to finance a foray against the people of a neighboring world. A successful venture, the defeated civilization’s resources are seized and brought back to Cardassia Prime, enabling Central Command to capture the people’s imagination. Excavations will continue and with each burial chamber brought to light, the military’s power will grow. Tret Akleen, the putative founder of modern Cardassia, probably comes to power during this era and the Akleen Sector on Cardassia will be named in his honor.
    [TNG-237, NWNC, DS9 #027]
  • At age 7, Sarek is traditionally bonded to T’Rea.
  • 23 August: HiBeam Energies, Ltd. is founded in Luna City, Luna. They will design the first phaser weapons systems.


  • “Destiny, Book Two: Mere Mortals” (2168)
    [Destiny #2]
  • The Tseetsk encounter the Human colony of Koban’s ancestors on Foothold (Joost-klaara) and enslave them, using the colony as a breeding planet.
    [TNG #021]
  • Cymris Darthanian, a Yoon, is born on Tau Lyra III (Yoondri).
    [TOS #071]
  • The K-117 light (warp-driven) transport shuttle is one of the fastest interatmospheric shuttles in Starfleet. A century later one of these shuttles will be employed as a portable drilling rig by the Federation Geological Survey. Its heavily shielded warp core provides a safe power source, even with personnel nearby on the ground.
    [TOS #068]
  • The genetically-perfect integrated Earth colony on Moab IV is founded.
  • Dohlman Alais comes to power on Elas. She will rule for twelve Elasian years.
    [TOS #068]
  • Briam, the future ambassador of Krios is born.
  • anbo-jytsu is developed by Kathar Eltrin on Alpha Centauri.
  • The White Rhino becomes extinct on Earth, among other species. The Alpine “Imperial” eagle will at least be reintroduced later in this century via cloning and natural breeding stock.
    [TNG-210, TNG #024]



  • March: Ships of the Federation Galactic Cultural Exchange Project complete their first visit to all Federation member worlds.
  • The North American Indian ancestors of the Dorvan V settlers, led by Cantowa, leave Earth in order to preserve their cultural identities during this era.
  • Roughly during this era, the Abinarri (located in a distant region of space) begin to spread their gospel of Law by taking control of star system after star system.
    [CT #2]
  • The design style of “studied crudity” becomes popular in the Cardassian Empire.
    [DS9 #005]
  • 03 April: Starfleet‘s initial network of manned and automated outposts along the Neutral Zone becomes operational. The system is expanded and improved during the next 30 years, until most military theorists consider it impossible for a ship to cross the Zone undetected. It is assumed that the Romulans created a similar network. This is supported by the fact that none of the 17 Federation space vessels known to have penetrated the Neutral Zone have returned.
  • Colony Terra (Alpha) 5 is established on Eta Serpentis IV.
  • Kavis Alpha, a neutron star, explodes.
  • Federation impulse engine design changes radically.
  • Most Orion trade families close their operations with the Federation, in the face of Klingon trade vessels returning to the Rigel colonies.
  • The planet Zakdorn is made uninhabitable by a terrorist attack.
  • (Bajoran Year 9174): Bajor‘s greatest poet, Akorem Laan, vanishes after being caught in an ion storm on his return voyage to Bajor. He will be the first Bajoran to make contact with the Prophets of the wormhole and re-emerge over two centuries in the future. Conferring with the wormhole entities, Captain Sisko will convince the Prophets to return Akorem to his proper place in time and space.
  • IGI is founded on Helena during this period. This is probably also the era during which Helena is settled by mixed-race colonists trying to escape discrimination in the rest of the Federation.
    [TNG #054]
  • About this time, Dax eliminates the first of many host candidates. In the next two centuries, Dax will reject 57 selected hosts.
  • On Krantin, a mine near the city Jalkor is the richest mine on the entire planet, partly responsible for Jalkor becoming the largest and most powerful city.
    [TNG #036]
  • This is roughly the time in which the city of Malodya is built on Devernia.
    [CT #6]
  • Most old, Irish traditions are forgotten, according to Mari ni Connal.
    [DS9 #005]


  • Clif, a Trill symbiont, is born.
    [TNG #045]
  • Earth discovers that ranching is the only way to keep some species from going extinct.
    [TOS #094]
  • During this period the legendary Hoard of Dujonian is hidden: Dujonian, a Cardassian, steals all the Hebitian glor’ya-encrusted artifacts from a recently unearthed Hebitian tomb. Glor’ya jewels have properties similar to dilithium but are vastly superior, making the Hoard all the more valuable for propulsion and weapons systems.
    [CT #2]
  • July: A major, privately operated research station opens on Deneva and begins scientific investigations into transtator physics.
  • The Lipuls of Gemworld make telepathic contact with the Federation through their dreamships. The Lipuls lead a Starfleet ship on a 20-year mission to reach them.
    [TNG #058]
  • At approximately this time in the Delta Quadrant, the Hachi-P’nir War is responsible for the genocide of planets in an unnamed system on the edge of the Kuriyar Cluster. The 3rd and 4th planets are reduced to radioactive cinders and stripped of metals—for use in warship hulls.
    [VOY #03]