Prime: Centuries Ago (Page 1)

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  • Zora experiments with the body chemistry of tribes on Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III). In 2269 she will be re-created on Excalbia representing the concept of “evil.”


  • Intense woldwide military conflict on Argelius II nearly results in the annihilation of all life. The Argelians struggle to adopt a new planetary philosophy devoted to pleasure.


  • The Battle of Clontarf is fought between the Irish and the Vikings on Earth. Miles Edward O’Brien will claim to be a direct descendant of King Brian Boru and will re-create this battle in a DS9 holosuite.




  • Ancient Grace is a large city on Rigel V until a plague decimates the population, transforming it into ruins. Plant life survives and flourishes. Once the plague burns itself out the survivors will form a vastly different culture: rural and decentralized. Rigellians will be encouraged to have large families. Rigel V will remain a poor world of forests yielding biomedical products.
    [TOS #082]


  • The assassination cults on Ssan (Alpha Gederix IV) begin the ritual of exposing themselves to the bloodfire virus to enhance their physical powers.


  • The short-lived Orion Empire attempts to restore order by forcibly reuniting all regions in the Fringe Wars. The effort impoverishes Botchok and accelerates the disintegration of Orion society by giving arms to the poor and powerless. Many Grey Orion ruling families are wiped out on the most distant planets, the first victims of the Dispossession. Before it is finished, 90% of all Grey Orions will have died, and the rest forced into hiding.


  • Kukulkan visits the Mayan and Aztec civilizations on Earth. He provides them with an accurate calendar and instructions to build a city according to its cycles. They only use parts of Kukulkan’s knowledge.



  • Saladin, a sultan of Egypt, is born on Earth. In the 23rd Century a very popular destroyer class will be named after him.


  • Large extendad-family tribal units are organized on Kronos.



  • Genghis Khan, Mongol chieftain, is born on Earth. In 2263, he will be re-created by the Excalbians as one of the beings representing the concept of “evil.”


  • The Lethantan monks of 30453 FAS (Ma’ak Indawe “Stronghold” III, or Nem Ma’ak Bratuna “The Last Stand”) begin preaching the Word of Reconciliation to most of the world. Civilization begins to arise and a theocracy will be founded.
    [TNG #037]







  • Within the Delta Triangle region of space, in a different time-continuum, the Elysian council is formed. By 2270, Elysia will contain members of over 123 different races.
  • On Thasus, the inhabitants continue to exist as physical beings.
  • The Preservers transport a small cluster of villages from a plague zone in Germany on Earth to a planet deep in the heart of a deadly stellar cluster.
    [TNG #028]


  • According to Commander KerDaq, the Klingons experimented with fusion reactors during this era.
    [TOS #078]


  • The Irapina fleet leaves the Sagittarius Arm and heads toward UFP space, conquering or destroying everything in its path.
    [ON #11]
  • An unexplained phenomenon melts the polar ice cap of the planet Vestalan.
    [ON #06]
  • The planet Radu is settled by colonists from the Klingon system.
    [TOS #027]


  • On Earth, Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet, is born. He will write ‘The Divine Comedy.’ Dante’s ‘Inferno’ will be an engagement gift from Mark Hobbes William Johnson to Kathryn Janeway in the 24th Century, an engagement gift.
  • The Menthar-Promellian War exterminates both star-faring races in the Battle of Aurius IX.
  • This is probably the era during which the first of countless Elliptical Wars begin. Fought between the Blood and Kauld races in the Z-80 Sagittarian stellar group, these interplanetary wars will occur approximately at 24 year intervals.
    [TOS #089]



  • The Orion Registry is first published, and the Reverse ends.


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.



  • On Earth in Constantinople, bubonic plague spreads throughout this city. Half of Europe will be devastated. Flint the Immortal witnesses the deaths.


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.


  • The Narr genetically-shift the plant life on Signi Beta.
    [DoH #4]


  • The Nausicaan wort virus kills 95 percent of the Nausicaan population. It will be known as one of the worst plagues in history.
    [TNG #052]


  • Ardra grants the people of Ventax II one thousand years of peace and prosperity, according to myth.


  • Kamen lives out his life on Kataan (Silarian sector). The sun goes nova, but not before the Kataanians launch a probe to be remembered by.


  • A lao shu delicacy is prepared on Pai when a rodent-like creature is buried in an earthenware pot packed with spiced preservatives. It will decay over the course of a thousand years and be ready for consumption.
    [TNG #038]



  • The Bajoran wormhole again undergoes subspace inversion.
  • During this era, according to myth, the Klingon warriors slay their gods (as reported by Commander Worf in 2372). According to myth, Kortar is the first Klingon for destroying the gods who created him. His punishment is to ferry the dishonored souls to Gre’thor aboard the Barge of the Dead.
    [DS9-483, VOY-223]
  • Much of the Delta Quadrant is ruled by by an interstellar empire. It spawns a race of mutants, The Empty Ones, who feed upon the souls of other living beings because they have none of their own. At great cost, the Empty Ones are finally captured and banished from the empire never to be heard from again. In the 2370s, Voyager will find them living on the planet Ryolanov, stranded there after their ship’s crashlanding many centuries ago.
    [VOY #013]


  • The Hirogen race establishes its predatory nature in the Delta Quadrant, a lifestyle which will remain unchanged for a thousand years.


  • Aylim and the symbiont Marh live during this period on Trill.



  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.