Prime: Millions of Years Ago

444,310,700 B.C.E. | 401,310,700 B.C.E. | 300 Million B.C.E. | 299,810,700 B.C.E.
150 Million B.C.E. | 100 Million B.C.E. | 97,310,700 B.C.E. | 86,997,600 B.C.E.
86,810,700 B.C.E. | 65 Million B.C.E. | 64,020,410 B.C.E. | 45 Million B.C.E.
20,310,700 B.C.E. | 20 Million B.C.E. | 12,310,700 B.C.E. | 12 Million B.C.E.
10,310,700 B.C.E. | 10 Million B.C.E. | 7 Million B.C.E. | 6,998,000 B.C.E.
6,310,700 B.C.E. | 6 Million B.C.E. | 3,006,740 B.C.E. | 2,810,700 B.C.E.
2,310,700 B.C.E. | 2 Million B.C.E. | 1,997,700 B.C.E. | 1,997,626 B.C.E.
1,810,700 B.C.E. | 1,741,651 B.C.E. | 1,310,700 B.C.E. | 1,250,000 B.C.E.
1,150,000 B.C.E. | 1 Million B.C.E.

444,310,700 B.C.E.

  • Period 1 begins on the planet Alcawell in the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy, the first segment of a society spread out through almost a billion years of time. The time-travelling Alcawellians’ world consists of periods. Each period spans 500,000 years. Mean Time Control Headquarters is located in Period 1, which is where Lieutenant Torres, Ensign Kim, and Neelix are taken from Period 889 to face the charges of intraperiod travel and the consequent Time Alarms. In alternate timelines, the three Starship Voyager crew members are executed for the crimes.
    [VOY #02]

401,310,700 B.C.E.

  • Period 87 begins on Alcawell in the Delta Quadrant. After promotion, Red moves to Southern City in this period—crowded, but not as bad as Period 1.
    [VOY #02].

300 Million B.C.E.

  • An alien ship of insectoid beings is invaded by a magnetic organism. Trapped in orbit of Questar M17, the crew disable their own ship to prevent the spread of the entity.

299,810,700 B.C.E.

  • Period 290 begins on Alcawell in the Delta Quadrant.
    [VOY #02]
  • The Vedala race probably thrives during this era. They will be known as the oldest living spacefaring race by 2264.
  • Environmental conditions on Thasus change and will remain stable for the next 3 million years.
    [Trek 01]

150 Million B.C.E.

  • The planet Mirage is formed.
    [TOS #074]

100 Million B.C.E.

  • The geological situation on Rimillia is established when the planet’s rotation slows, narrowing the habitable zone down to a narrow strip at the terminator.
    [TOS #077]
  • A series of relay stations is established in the Delta Quadrant of space, capable of reaching the Alpha Quadrant. These stations are powered by quantum micro-singularities and will last over 100 million years.
  • The Masters become the fourth native civilization in the Rigel system. An early understanding of philosophy and science allows them to build a massive empire in the Orion arm of the galaxy which will endure for 100 million years. The Masters will perform many experiments on life forms and civilizations much like the Preservers.

97,310,700 B.C.E.

86,997,600 B.C.E.

  • An immense informational archive is constructed by a civilization in the Darsays system, near Sector 1156. Over the passage of time it will drift into interstellar space and be taken for a comet.

86,810,700 B.C.E.

65 Million B.C.E.

  • Prior to the cataclysmic extinction of the dinosaurs, the Voth (sentient descendants of Hadrosaurs) achieve spaceflight and depart Earth (or are transplanted by the Preservers?). Some 45 million years later they will have reached and colonized the Delta Quadrant (possibly through the advent of transwarp drive). No record of their species will remain on Earth.

64,020,410 B.C.E.

  • June
    In southern Georgia on Earth, Captain Kirk and a landing party (transported from 2264 via the Guardian of Forever) see to the impact of an asteroid, ensuring the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Clan Ru at first succeeded in altering history by destroying the asteroid with a matter/antimatter warhead satellite. Kirk convinces the Ru that their distortion of history would only result in their own extinction after comparing DNA samples. In the Ru-created alternate universe, the dinosaurs will evolve semi-intelligence only to exterminate themselves in endless cycles of nuclear warfare. There will be no Federation, while the RomulSngans and Klingons become locked in endless interstellar warfare. In the “proper” timeline, the asteroid’s impact will directly contribute to the extinction of the dinosaurs and the evolution of Mankind. Prior to their demise, the Preservers will visit Earth and transplant the dinosaurs, allowing them to evolve and thrive on the Clan Ru homeworld. Note that the asteroid’s impact was inadvertantly caused by Q millions of years in the future.
    [TOS #075, TNG #049]

45 Million B.C.E.

20,310,700 B.C.E.

20 Million B.C.E.

  • The mysterious stone known as the Devil’s Heart, Bloodstone, Dream Gem, Ko N’ya, Nota, Telev’s Bane, Pagrashtak and many other names over its long history, is created by the Architects (Originators). It has the same properties as that of the Guardian of Forever and will become a talisman to many races. To the Iconians it will be a key to opening the Three Gates and allow their civilization to colonize other worlds. The Ko N’ya may possess semi-sentience and may be a seed to grow another Guardian of Forever. Presumably it is the Q Continuum which gives the Iconians the Devil’s Heart.
    [GN-13, G #7].
  • The Voth settle in the Delta Quadrant and their recorded history (devoid of their origin on Earth in the Alpha Quadrant) begins anew.

12,310,700 B.C.E.

12 Million B.C.E.

10,310,700 B.C.E.

10 Million B.C.E.

  • Volcanic activity on Faramond ends, leaving it an ice world.
  • The glacier on Timshel (where the rebels will be based in 2260) ceases moving, entering an era of stability.
    [TOS #080]

7 Million B.C.E.

  • The central power reactor on Sierra-Bravo 112-II is designed when the entire planet is designed as a gigantic social science experiment. The planet is terraformed to their biology, along with granting sentience to a great many of its animals, and scattered with advanced technology. One hundred million children are raised, isolated from adults and culture, and marooned on the world.
    [DS9 #025, DS9 #026]

6,998,000 B.C.E.

6,310,700 B.C.E.

6 Million B.C.E.

  • A neutron star collides with a class-C red giant resulting in an explosion of highly ionized particles, hard radiation, dust, debris, and antimatter. It will be one of the hazards of the first Great Starship Race of 2264.
    [TOS #067]
  • Roughly during this time, the Organians undergo the metamorphosis from organic humanoids into pure energy beings.

3,006,740 B.C.E.

  • The cybernetic Shechenag make war on the natives of the planet Tlaoli, roughly around this time. The war will eventually escalate into a temporal war spanning millennia. When a desperate phase in the war is reached, when the aliens are low on combatants and stretched across so many fronts in time, they will begin ‘recycling’ their soldiers through time. Fatally wounded soldiers would be healed then transported back through time to continue fighting the battle a little longer. The Tlaoli will eventually lose with the depletion of the planet’s natural resources, though remaining civilians will use normal time travel technology to escape into the far distant future.
    [JG #2]

2,810,700 B.C.E.

2,310,700 B.C.E.

2 Million B.C.E.

  • The Preservers seed various planets with carbon-based, predominately humanoid, life. They take a special interest in the peoples of Earth (perhaps due to having previously transplanted members of the dinosaur family, saving them from extinction) and throughout the centuries establish duplicate “Earths” populated by relocated Humans or humanoids. Native American Indians are among those transplanted from Earth. The former group will be seeded on the planet Amerind (Miramanee) and the latter on a planet deep within a deadly stellar cluster. The Preservers may be responsible for seeding the region which would later become the Interstellar Concordium Trusteeship Territory. The ISC will consist of the quadruplicate telepathically-linked Veltressai, chlorine-breathing Q’Naabians, reptilian (Gorn/Hildarian-offshoot?) Pronhoulites, aquatic and psionic Rovillians, and the felinoid (Kzinti/Lyran-offshoot?) Korlivilar.
    [TOS-58, TOS #035, TOS #075, TNG #028, SFC].

1,997,700 B.C.E.

  • The First Winnowing: all land life on the Cetacean homeworld is destroyed by an asteroid impact. The surviving emigrants might become the ancestors of the Erisian Ascendancy cultures.

1,997,626 B.C.E.

  • Q meditates on the Time Planet, gazing into the Guardian of Forever. The portal randomly transports Q to a frozen realm. The older Q and Picard from 2374 watch and follow. The young Q will meet another superbeing known as 0 in exile on a glaciated planet. The Guardian (despite its warnings) retrieves Q and 0. Q introduces 0 to the Q Continuum, on the understanding that Q takes responsibility for him. 0 begins to corrupt Q with the fundamental importance of testing lesser species…
    [TNG #047]

1,810,700 B.C.E.

1,741,651 B.C.E.

  • The Makers, an advanced race of humanoids from the Andromeda galaxy, die out when their home star goes nova. Only their androids (on UFC 257704-II later called Planet Mudd or Liticia) live on in our galaxy.

1,310,700 B.C.E.

1,250,000 B.C.E.

  • The Masters finish the extensive terraforming of Rigel III, while preserving Rigel IV as a workyard and memorial to themselves.
  • Note that the Masters are probably responsible for the creation of the Hakel radiation belt extending out to approximately 90 astronomical units from Rigel’s primary and surrounding the twelve planets. Consisting of subatomic particles trapped in the star’s powerful magnetic field, it shields the worlds from the dense rays from the Rigellian sun. It will be officially discovered in the Second Rigellian Epoch by Hakel of Rigel II.

1,150,000 B.C.E.

  • The cleaning and refueling of Rigel A is completed by the Masters. The helium core is fished out with difficulty and its material is used for other projects—notably the planets orbiting Rigel B and C, both experiments in stellar kindling.

1 Million B.C.E.

  • On Rigel VII and Rigel VIII, the Masters plant new and promising life forms which, in a million or so years, will develop into sentient, starfaring and reverent species that will acknowledge the long-dead Masters as gods. As the Masters’ civilization was dying and their people dwindling away, they do slipshod work in genetically engineering the Bodas, an intelligent species kept for pets. The Bodas are conceived with a shambling gait, harsh speech, and (by the Masters’ standards) imperfect reasoning and a faulty moral sense. Shortly thereafter, the Masters disappear.