My Brother’s Keeper, Book One: Republic

A friendship that ends in tragedy begins with adventure!

TOS #085 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released January 1999

At Starfleet Academy, Gary Mitchell is reckless and fun-loving while Jim Kirk is driven, ambitious, but awkward around other people—especially women. Their friendship begins with a fistfight. Then their routine training mission on the U.S.S. Republic is diverted to a planet where centuries of bloody interplanetary conflict are about to end in a ceremony of reconciliation. Assigned to help with security on the planet’s surface, Kirk and Gary quickly find themselves in the middle of a life-and-death struggle against terrorists determined to disrupt the ceremony.

With the future of two planets at stake, Kirk and Gary must find a way to work together before a mission of life and peace becomes one of death and despair.

Written by Michael Jan Friedman


Guest Cast:


“What’s your name?” Lieutenant James T. Kirk asked, studying the arrogant, disrespectful Academy cadet who stood before him.

The cadet hesitated for a moment — a primitive and not unexpected reaction. “Mitchell, sir. Gary Mitchell.”

Kirk assessed the cadet. “I’ll see you in class, Mr. Mitchell.”

The cadet looked at him, unable to conceal his confusion. “Class, sir?”

“That’s right,” Kirk told him. “Federation History.”

The cadet tilted his head. “I think you’re mistaken, sir. I’m in Commander Chiarello’s Federation History class.”

It was the lieutenant’s turn to smile . . . “You were in Commander Chiarello’s class. Now you’re in mine,” he said. “I’m going to arrange for a transfer, Mr. Mitchell . . . so you and I can get better acquainted.”

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