Chain of Attack

Stranded in a hostile galaxy, the Enterprise is caught up in a deadly interstellar conflict!

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TOS #032 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released February 1987

While mapping a series of gravitational anomalies, the Enterprise is suddenly hurled millions of light-years through space, into a distant galaxy of scorched and lifeless worlds . . . into the middle of an endless interstellar war.

With no way back home, the crippled starship finds itself under relentless and suicidal attack by both warring fleets! And Captain Kirk must gamble the lives of his crew on his ability to stop a war that has raged for centuries—and ravaged a galaxy . . .

Written by: Gene DeWeese


Guest Cast:


“Collision course, Captain,” Spock said. “At present acceleration, impact in seven-point-three seconds.”

“Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Sulu!”

Sulu and the navigation computer responded, and the alien ship shot by a hundred kilometers below, its lasers still drenching the Enteprise‘s shields and surrounding space in concentrated radiation.

“They apparently do not like us, Captain,” Chekov commented.

“Apparently,” Kirk agreed. “If this is the way everyone in this neighborhood reacts to strangers, it’s no wonder all these worlds were destroyed.”

“They are persistent, too, sir. The ship is returning again.”

But this will be its last run, Captain,” Spock said. “It appears to be purposely inducing an overload in its primary power source. Unless something is done, all its matter and antimatter fuel will be simultaneously converted to energy in eighteen-point-three seconds, which time will coincide with its closest approach to the Enterprise. If that approach is as close as previous approaches, our deflector shields will not be able to withstand the energy release.”

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