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  • During this era, a “lucky Loonie” Canadian coin falls under the possession of the Eddington family.
  • In the Delta Quadrant, the warlord Tieran rules the planet Ilari. During wartime, he brings stability to his people and searches for a means to overcome death—which he eventually manages to achieve.
  • On Bajor, a cottage is built in the Rosila Province with a spectacular view of the Holona River. In 200 years it will belong to a friend of Major Kira.
  • Rantura Shipping Lines is founded in New Daran, Deneva by Esaha Rantura, a second-generation Denevan, as a shuttle service between Deneva and Colony V. Within a single generation, Rantura Shipping will expand to handle over 80% of the passenger as well as cargo transport needs of both worlds. An agreement with Chiokis Starship Construction within the next few months will further advance Rantura’s prospects by giving Rantura exclusive shipping rights to and from Chiokis corporate facilities throughout dozens of planetary systems. Rantura will suffer a disasterous setback when flying parasites from Ingraham B nearly decimate Deneva, losing many key personnel.
  • On Zondar, tectonic shifts cause a territorial dispute when land slides into the ocean.
    [NF #05]
  • In an area just beyond the Bajoran system, the Mist locates three uninhabited systems and phase-shifts them over and begins colonizing them.
    [CT #3]


  • Progenia is eradicted.
  • Dohlman Wywras reigns on Elas.
    [TOS #068]
  • August
    In an early example of Federation military cooperation, the Alpha Centauran Djartanna class destroyer enters service in the Terran United Nations Space Force. Over the next three decades, a total of 316 are constructed for the UNSF and Starfleet Command.
  • The Resolution of Non-Interference is signed by the Federation. It pulls together a number of fractured members of the Federation into a basic position paper that puts forward the basic philosophies that the Federation hopes to pursue. It will be the basic philosophy behind Starfleet‘s Prime Directive of Non-Interference. Thaddeus Riker, a direct ancestor of William Thomas Riker, is one of the principal drafters of the Resolution.
    [TNG #055]
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).
  • Annorax of the Krenim Imperium in the Delta Quadrant embarks on his quest to restore the Imperium to its greatness through temporal incursions. One goal is the restoration of the Kona Prime colony.
  • Outpost Seran-T-1 is built as a Starfleet observation post during this era.


  • Radioactive pollutants on Scalos begin to cause drastic mutations: hyper-accelerated beings.
  • April: Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is founded in Chicago, Illinois, on Earth. It will become a leader in manufacturing biomedical adaptive compounds and will develop the first workable, mass-produced serum to combat Rigellian blood-burn fever.
  • April: Plans are made for a Federation-wide news-gathering and reporting agency. As a result, the Solarian News Agency merges with other planetary services, creating the United Federation of Planets Infonet.
  • Suessor of Vulcan enters office as the Federation President.
  • Laas encounters humanoids on the planet Voral.
  • Alpha and Beta Centauri are at their closest—an event which will occur every 80 years.
    [TOS #028]


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through Federation space.
  • Catulla (Theta Pictoris) becomes a Federation member.
  • Around this time, Tanok of Vulcan writes a paper on Human physiology. Tanok observes that Human evolution has plateaued, and their cranial capacity and efficiency of neuronal activity has effectively reached its maximum unless the genetic code is manipulated. The paper is deliberately published only on Vulcan and in a privately circulated journal.
    [S31 #4]
  • December: Faced with threats that the Federation will revoke its non-aggression agreements because of the closure of Orion ports to even emergency traffic, the Orions reopen their ports to Federation shipping on a limited basis. They also sign new treaties with the Federation. These agreements provide the Orion worlds with a promise of protection from outside aggression, but bind the Orions only to not directly attacking the Federation.


  • On the outskirts of Romulan space, the Romulan cruiser Scorah, under the command of Primus Oran, takes aboard a Gullrey spacecraft. The Rey emotion-projecting abilities drive the crew insane. The entire ship is lost with all hands except for Subcenturion Valdus Ionis Zorokove who escapes by life pod.
    [TOS #067]
  • Todahlahr of Andor enters office as the Federation President.
  • During this era the most Earth-like planet in the Alpha Centauri B system, Kent (Alpha B IV) is settled by Humans. This system contains a total of 6 planets (the innermost worlds: Olson, Perry, Lang, and Kent) which will be destroyed in late 2279 during Alpha B’s expansion into an orange giant.
    [TOS #039]
  • 01 November: Wilson Energies Ltd. is founded in Great Britain on Earth when Dr. James Wilson’s skills in micro-miniaturization leads to the design of the first hand-held phaser weapon. This new firm’s position is secured when Starfleet orders an unprecedented half-million units to be supplied over the next twelve years. Not content with this coup, Wilson Energies will refine the original Phaser I design which will result in the upgraded Phaser II pistol and rifle. These advances will in turn create a production demand that Wilson Energies will be hard-pressed to match. Over time, 5 separate manufacturing concerns under Wilson Energies’ supervision will be cranking out phasers 24 hours a day.


  • 04 March: Leeper-Fell Universal, Ltd. is founded in Tritium, Mars, as an import/export company dealing with merchandise ranging from Spican flamegems and Saurian cognac to tribbles and Argelian silks.
  • Singa, the Sleeping God, offers his services to the Federation.
    [ON #06]


  • 30 July: The Vulcan Monetary Society is founded on Vulcan as the planet’s principal governmental monetary control agency, maintaining all planetary and off-world financial operations involving the Vulcan government and major Vulcan corporations.
  • Meanwhile, roughly during this period, the New World Economy begins to take shape in the Sol system and money goes the way of the dinosaur. Fort Knox will be turned into a museum.


  • Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III) becomes a Federation member.
  • A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region.
  • Richard Morvehl of Alpha Centauri enters office as the Federation President.
  • Jackson B. Kahle II, founder of the Peace Foundation, is born.
    [TOS #070]
  • About this time on Torgu-Va, the Federation and Tarn survivors encounter one another. War will rage for nearly two centuries on this world.
    [TNG #057]


  • Leeper-Fell diversifies into planetary terraforming. Their future projects will be Ardana and Babel.


  • Donald Mora is born.
  • The D.E.V. Eagle Valley DY-950 ship, commanded by Dan King, is launched as the 3rd colonization mission into the Ficus sector.


  • Narine is born in the Nevis system.
    [TOS #081]
  • Rigel V, a Vulcanoid world, becomes a member of the Federation when the Rigel Accords are signed into law.
    [WotF, STM]



  • 17 January: Pan-Galactic Productions is founded in London, England, on Earth, as a major producer of tri-dimensional films and will be part owner of several theme parks and recreation centers on Imagination and Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet.
  • 19 September: Smith & Smythe Motor Works, Ltd. is founded in Surleft, Andor as a principal manufacturer of auxiliary power systems and support equipment for starship designs.
  • 01 December: Chiokis Starship Construction is founded in Thelavor, Andor. This joint Andorian/Terran venture will produce more vessels and independent vessel designs than any other shipyard in Federation history.


  • The DY-245 type ship S.S. Hatteras is launched on a deep space exploration mission to the Ficus sector, commanded by Gary Loes.
  • Janissa Kurvannis of Earth enters office as the Federation President.
  • The planet Barsoom (Delta Gamma IV) is colonized by both Human and Tellarite settlers.
  • 08 July: The Shiputer Corporation is founded in Bristol, Earth, as a supplier of starship navigational control systems.
  • Angelina Mola is born.
    [TOS #073]
  • The ruins of Temaris IV, located in the Romulan Neutral Zone, are abandoned as agreed to by treaty.
  • Daniel Corrigan is born
    [TOS #020]
  • Charlemagne (Aquilla Scorpi IV) is settled by dissidents who reject the Federation‘s peace treaty with the Romulans.
  • December: The Federation Council refuses a funding request from Starfleet for the development of new starships. To Starfleet’s enormous surprise, all funds previously assigned to complete the construction of Starbase 12 are “indefinitely postponed.” Because construction had actually begun, the installation retains its designation, but it remains uncompleted and inoperative until after the end of the Four Years War. The Horizon and Marshall classes remain the first line of defense.
  • T’Meni, Tuvok‘s mother, is born.
  • Around this time, the Kauld and Blood races are given dynadrive by aliens they name the Formless, but it will only prolong the Elliptical Wars. Before the star drive gift is received, the Naresi colonists depart aboard a multigenerational interstellar sublight craft to cross a 10 light year expanse.
    [TOS #089, TOS #092]
  • Robert T. April is born.
    [TAS-22, Log #7]
  • A magnetic phase shift in di-isotonic rocks occurs on Heronius.
    [SNW-02: “A Ribbon for Rosie”]


  • February: The interplanetary war of Beta Cersus within the Romulan Neutral Zone creates tension between the Federation and the Romulan Empire. Admiral Liam O’Neill of the Castor class U.S.S. Alert detect half a dozen Romulan craft. Though neither side entered the conflict, this incident loosens the Federation‘s purse strings for advanced class ship construction.
  • Starbase 11 is currently manned by 312 personnel and 14 dependents.
  • 07 May: General Entertainment Concepts is founded in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Earth. They will be known for the recovery, restoration, and tri-dimensional holographic releases of various classic films from various cultures. Their most expensive project will be Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet.
  • Saren (Taryn) is born during this era.
  • 12 September: Tachyon Micromechanics, Ltd. is founded in Grinidasa, Arcturus. A manufacturer of miniaturized sensor and recording equipment, this company will provide research and exploration operations with a wide range of computer-directed tracking and analysis systems.
  • Greshlahrigm of Tellar enters office as the Federation President.
  • Sarek masters the senapa, an ancient Vulcan dueling weapon.
  • Slarn is born.
    [TNG #039]


  • 02 February: M’Yengh Yards is founded in Shzerensohr, Cait, a government-owned and sponsored starship construction firm for both Starfleet and civilian projects.
  • In the Gamma Quadrant, the planet Meridian dimensionally shifts back into normal space for a brief period of time.
  • A firefighter’s helmet (Engine Company 9) belonging to Ross Grant’s ancestors in Seattle, on Earth, originates from this year. In 180 years, Ross Grant will give the helmet as a Day of Honor gift to Alexander Rozhenko.
    [DoH #1]
  • One-fourth of the Chateau Briar crop is damaged by frost, rendering a commensurate portion of the vintage somewhat bland. Glasses of this wine will by served to Captain Picard and Commodore Travers on Cestus III in 2267.
    [TNG #032]
  • Face to face contact between the Federation and the Lipuls is finally achieved, presumably on Gemworld.
    [TNG #058]
  • Sarek negotiates the VulcanTerran Interstellar Comprehensive Trade Act.


  • The first major wave of Triangle settlements begins.
  • October: Starfleet Command originates the Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry. It is a small emerald triangle with three diamonds in the middle and a silver semi-circular bar above inscribed “For Gallantry.” This citation commends acts of heroism in defense of Federation citizens and their property in which the recipient disregarded clear risk to personal safety.
  • November: A new series of major antimatter refineries becomes available and are stationed at various locations in Federation territory.


  • Merak II becomes a Federation member.
  • April: Intelligent flying humanoids are discovered on Alpha Virginis II, a planet located in Sector 14C, by the Placido class U.S.S. Icarus II, commanded by Captain Jan Oonlarger. The Canaris species is the first ornithoid race encountered by the Federation.
  • Narine arrives on Arnhall at age 9. She will become First Advocate.
    [TOS #081]


  • T’Prylla is born.
    [TOS #015]
  • Saren (later Taryn) witnesses the execution of his parents aboard their small trading vessel at the age of four. Hijacked and abducted by Romulans, Taryn will serve as their Freelan representative during their Freelan Plan of the next century.


  • The Cygnia Minor and the Beta 6 Colonies are established.



  • 12 January: Morris Magtronics is founded in Palyria, Mars. It will become one of the Federation‘s leading producers of anti-gravity and artificial gravity systems. Artificial gravity generation itself is credited to the Vulcan Science Academy, although the first Terran prototypes were tested in Moscow and a flying belt found in a billion year old Slaver stasis box was the key.
    [TAS-11, TOS #084, FASA]
  • The Sternn fusion reactor core is state of the art in the Federation. They will be phased out a generation later.
    [TOS #072]
  • Starfleet‘s standardized specifications for emergency docking ports are established.
    [CT #1]