The Disinherited

The U.S.S. Enterprise faces a deadly alien fleet.

TOS #059 Cover

  • Stardate 3034.6
  • Released May 1992

Gamma Xaridian—a peaceful Federation research colony that becomes the third Federation world to suffer a brutal attack at the hands of a mysterious alien fleet. With Lt. Uhura gone on an important mission of her own, Captain Kirk and the U.S.S. Enterprise are dispatched to investigate the attacks, only to find the planets completely devastated.

When another nearby colony is attacked, the U.S.S. Enterprise is ready and encounters a fleet of quick, small and deadly ships. Though Kirk and his crew manage to turn the raiders away, the U.S.S. Enterprise is severely damaged and the aliens escape.

As Kirk and his crew prepare for their next encounter with the raiders, Mr. Spock makes a startling discovery about the purpose behind the alien attacks—a purpose that, if realized, could have deadly consequences for the Federation and the U.S.S. Enterprise

Written by: Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger


Guest Cast:


“Forward phasers out!” called Spock. “Starboard shields buckling,” the Vulcan continued. “Port shields can sustain only two more hits.”

“Captain, how about the Turnoga defense!” Chekov suddenly shouted. “In a situation like this—”

“Not now, Mr. Chekov!” snapped Kirk.

But sir—”

“Ensign,” said Kirk, “I don’t have time to turn the bridge into an Academy lecture hall. Bring us around to 419 mark 6. Drop forward shields; prepare for warp speed.”

“What?” Chekov exclaimed. “Captain, even minmal warp will kick us right out of the system! And with no shields, we’ll be defenseless.”

“Ensign, you’re relieved,” said Kirk sharply. “Palmer, take over. Mr. Chekov, get the hell off the bridge. You’re confined to quarters.”

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