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  • At this point, the Romulans have 73 colonies and have conquered 27 other planets, resulting in 100 Romulan settlements. The Romulan Confederation changes its name to Latasam Stelai Rom’lnz (Romulan Star Empire), which translates literally as “Star Road of the People.” It takes the form of the government which will last until the late 24th Century.


  • On Earth, James Hilton, novelist, is born. He will write ‘Lost Horizon,’ a novel which will eventually be noted by Captain James T. Kirk.


  • L. Frank Baum writes the novel ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.’ A motion picture will follow in 1939. It will be a favorite of Yeoman Minnie Moskowitz aboard the Enterprise in the 2260s and will re-create its characters on the Amusement Park Planet. In 2365, Data will hum a song from this film. In 2367, Dr. Crusher will quote from it. The computer-generated clown from the Delta Quadrant‘s hibernation pods will also reference this work.

    [SNW: “The Girl Who Controlled Gene Kelly’s Feet”, TNG-131, TNG-179, VOY-139]

  • On Tellar (61 Cygni V) the Voice Wars wrack Tellarite culture.

    [Last Unicorn Games]


  • Clark Gable, movie actor, is born on Earth. In 1930, Edith Keeler will be on her way to attend a Clark Gable movie when killed in an automobile accident. During a trivia contest with Ensign Kim, in an alternate 2374, Torres will claim that ‘To Catch A Thief’ starred Clark Gable.

    [TOS-28, VOY-176]


  • Sean Aloysius O’Brien leads an eleven month long Pennsylvania coal miners strike. A union man, he will die a hero and be given the biggest funeral in all of Western Pennsylvania.

    [< ?print_link("","Bar Association (DS9)");?>]

  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.




  • January

    The Romulans are attacked spinward by the Corillians, a race previously unknown to them. Having little force in this direction, the Romulans sustain heavy losses. The war lasts six months, after which the Corillians, a much less populous culture than the Romulans, are conquered. They are the first space-faring culture to be subjugated by the Star Empire.




  • The Susuru’s warp drive breaks down. They are forced to travel through space at sublight speeds. In 200 years they will make planetfall on the first marginally habitable world: Okeanos (Eris V).

    [TOS #066]

  • The Corillian Incident points out the necessity of watching all directions, not just the coreward direction of main expansion. Because of this, the Romulan Empire enters a period of consolidation, strengthening their existing borders, which will span the next 80 years.



  • “Typhoid Mary” Mallon is identified as a carrier of Typhoid Fever. Dr. Sevrin will be considered a 23rd Century Typhoid Mary by Dr. McCoy. In the 24th Century, Captain Picard will fear that Master Scientist Skel may be a Typhoid Mary carrier of the “demon” plague.

    [TOS-75, TNG #040]

  • Laurence Olivier, British actor, is born. In 2366, Lieutenant Commander Data will study Olivier’s performances, among other actors.



  • 30 June

    An uncrewed Vulcan probe prevents a cometary fragment from wiping out half of central Europe by diverting the body to explode over an uninhabited region of Siberia, flattening and burning the forest.

    [GN-07, TOS-69]



  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



  • A copy of ‘Peter and Wendy’ by James M. Barrie is published. It will become one of Sean Hawk‘s favorite books while growing up in the 24th Century.

    [S31 #1]


  • 15 April

    The Titanic sea-going ship strikes an iceberg and sinks in the North Atlantic on Earth. In 2374, Tom Paris will employ a modification of the Titanic‘s transverse bulkhead system to Voyager during the Year of Hell timeline. In The Captain’s Table, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun will recall his tragic adventure aboard the Grissom to a man who may be the captain of the Titanic, in 2373.

    [VOY-177, CT #5]


  • After having retreated from spaceflight for decades, the Zeator begin to cautiously move back into space towards the Slaughtered Worlds.

    [TOS #032]


  • On Earth the merging of the Revenue Cutter Service and the Lifesaving Service yield The United States Coast Guard, an ancestor of the Starfleet Border Service.


  • 12 December

    Frank Sinatra, performer, is born on Earth. In 2375, the holosuite character Vic Fontaine will claim to have known this personality. Fontaine will perform many of his songs.




  • The Bekeem, the first dissident group, are banished from the planet Alaj. At least 11 more will follow in the next half millennia.

    [TNG #014]




  • Isaac Asimov is born on Earth. He will theorize the Positronic Brain and the Laws of Robotics. He will also invent the concept of Psycho-history: the predicting of future events through mathematical formulae by studying mass numbers of people. In the 24th Century, Dr. Noonian Soong will make Asimov’s fictitious Positronic Brain a reality with his androids Lore and Data. In the 23rd Century, copies of Asimov’s science fiction novels will be kept in James Kirk‘s cabin on Centaurus (Alpha Centauri IV).

    [TNG-114, TOS #028]

  • The Chicago Mobs of the 20s will be written about in a book of the same name published in 1992. It will, in turn, serve as a model for the culture of the planet Sigma Iotia II in the 22nd Century.



  • The alternate reality Krantin is a pollution-free world dominated by the Directorate. Krantin in this continuum, however, is polluted by the radioactive Plague waste materials from its alternate’s transported wastes.

    [TNG #036]

  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



  • The Folsom Point flint spear tip is discovered in Folsom, New Mexico on Earth. The anthropoids of Taurus II throw spears with similar tips, as will be noted by Mr. Spock.



  • Virgil Ivan “Gus” Grissom, astronaut, is born on Earth. He will be one of the first Human casualties of the space age, and at least one starship (and perhaps a class) will be named in his honor in the 23rd Century.




  • The Kirk family farmhouse in Riverside, Iowa is built. Possibly another portion of the house will be built much later, circa 2042.

    [TOS #039, GN-20]


  • Willie Howard Mays, baseball player, is born on Earth.



  • The novel ‘Lost Horizon’ sees publication. Captain Kirk will compare the Indian settlement on Amerind to the utopian society of Shangri-la in this novel.


  • Eva’s Kitchen is built on the corner of Lenox and 135th Street in New York City (as per Captain Sisko‘s visions in 2374).



  • 08 January

    Elvis Presley is born on Earth. In the 2370s, holosuite character Vic Fontaine will claim “If I had Julian as a publicist I’d be bigger than Elvis.”


  • Taking off from Luke Field in the Pearl Harbor area, Amelia Earhart wrecks the plane overcompensating for a low right wing. This event is also known to Captain Janeway by 2373.


  • “Fox” Russell deserts his wife and son (as per Captain Sisko‘s visions in 2374).



  • 23 February

    In an alternate timeline, Edith Keeler confers with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She founds a pacifist movement called World Peaceways which delays the U.S.’s entry into World War II, eventually enabling Germany to conquer Earth.


  • The first Dixon Hill novel, ‘The Long Dark Tunnel,’ is published.


  • A Ford automobile manufactured this year will be found in 2371 by the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. Apparently it will belong to one of the abducted Humans from 1937.


  • March

    A Dixon Hill story is set during this month, possibly ‘The Long Dark Tunnel.’ In any case it will be made into a holodeck program of Captain Picard‘s in 2368.

    [TNG #030]

  • Picard will collect three original-edition Dixon Hill books by 2367: ‘Murder in Camera,’ ‘The Knowing Look,’ and ‘Under the Sun.’ ‘Under the Sun,’ one of the more popular Dixon Hill novels, will be read by Ensign Ro Laren in 2369. These mystery novels will be lost in the chaos that follows World War III and will have to be recovered. Picard will flag the ship’s computer to notify him whenever a new Dixon Hill novel was recovered and uploaded into the Federation publication network. One such lost Dixon Hill work is ‘The Final Account.’ When Picard and Data are transported into the Q Continuum, the simulacrum takes the form of the fourth novel ‘Wringing in the New Year,’ a December 31st New Years environment. Broht and Forrestar will be the publishers of the Dixon Hill novels in the 24th Century.

    [GN-15, TNG #035, TNG #042, GN-37, VOY-266]

  • Emma Russell’s health fails. She will die of pneumonia in two years (according to Captain Sisko‘s 2374 visions).


  • Lieutenant Tom Paris‘ 2375 Captain Proton/Dr. Chaotica holodeck adventure will be based upon Earth science fiction serials of this time period (notably ‘Flash Gordon’ and ‘Undersea Kingdom,’ though debatably probably not present in this timeline).

    [VOY-195, VOY-207]


  • An American buffalo-head nickel minted this year will fall into the possession of Dr. McCoy by the year 2264.

    [TOS #050]

  • The powerful pirate empire in the vicinity of Triacus disappears, possibly associated with the Vegan Tyranny or even the home world. Gorgan is responsible.

    [FASA, TOS-60]

  • In the late 23rd Century, Kirk will claim the phrase, “We need breathing room,” was stated by Hitler in this year.


  • Benny Russell‘s mother dies of pneumonia. He begins his career writing amateur stories (according to Captain Sisko‘s 2374 visions).



  • June

    The Battle of Britain begins on Earth during World War II. This air battle will be a re-created in a holosuite on DS9 by Chief O’Brien and Dr. Bashir in 2372.

    [DS9-483, DS9-489]

  • July

    Past and future visions haunt 16 year old Benny Russell after gazing into an alien orb at the World’s Fair’s Negro Week Youth Center display. This quirky gift will enable him to glimpse 23rd and 24th Century Starfleet, and to pick near-future winning lottery tickets. Russell meets (and loses) his first love, Jenny, who dies in a fire (per Captain Sisko‘s visions in 2374).



  • 07 December

    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.



  • The planet Vulcan begins observing Earth. No official contacts are made.


  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



  • World War II, during which 11 million will die on Earth (according to Spock‘s reckoning) is the setting of Nazi Germany (“the most efficient state Earth ever knew”) which Professor John Gill will use as an example on the planet Ekos in the 2260s. Captain Kirk will dress Dr. McCoy with the uniform of a gestapo doctor (of Colonel rank) in 2262 based upon this year in the historical computer.

    [TOS-43, TOS-52]

  • Micah Brack, aka Flint the Immortal, will quote from this year’s media in 2061: ‘Television offers the soundest basis for world peace that has yet been presented. International television will knit together the peoples of the world in bonds of mutual respect.’


  • 22 December

    In 2374, the Hirogen will use Voyager‘s holodeck to simulate World War II Germany on this date, utilizing neural interfaces to populate the holodeck with the ship’s crew as characters.



  • 02 July

    Following sabotage and time-warping from 2372, Quark’s Treasure crashes in Roswell, New Mexico, on Earth. Quark, Rom, and Nog are taken into custody. Recreating the conditions of the time warp via an atomic bomb detonation, they escape back to 2372.


  • The carrier Enterprise, the workhorse of World War II, is decommissioned and sold for scrap to the Japanese.



  • Roberta Lincoln is born.


  • December

    A planned rebellion on Kobek is put down decisively, but the detonation of the Kobek weapons stockpile destroys all life on that world, and changes its orbit.



  • Captain Sisko will play a Major League baseball game holosuite simulation from this year in 2372: the Brooklyn Dodgers hosting the Boston Braves.

    [DS9 #023]


  • The F8 star 1212 Mus is initially cataloged by the Skalnate Pieso stellar survey on Earth.

    [TOS #050]


  • A Willie Mays rookie baseball card issued this year will become a prized possession of Captain Sisko in 2373—with a little help from his son and Nog.


  • In the Gamma Quadrant, the planet Meridian dimensionally shifts back into normal space for a brief period of time.




  • This year sees the theatrical releases of ‘From Here To Eternity’ and ‘It Came From Outer Space,’ the publication of Robert Heinlein’s ‘The Puppet Masters,’ and the death of Joseph Stalin.


  • The western ‘Shane’ is theatrically released. Nog will view it in the Vic Fontaine holoprogram in 2375.


  • Dwight David Eisenhower enters office as the 34th president of the United States of America, on Earth. It will be one of the many historical facts stored in the Enterprise‘s computer in 2248, when the Talosians sift the starship’s computer for data.

    [TOS-00, TOS-15, TOS-16]

  • Pool hustler Gaunt Gary hustles the great Willy Masconi in New York. Lieutenant Tom Paris will re-create this figure in the Voyager‘s holodeck in 2371.


  • October

    In 2374, Captain Sisko will hallucinate (or perhaps live) the life of Black science fiction writer Benny Russell as he pens ‘Deep Space Nine,’ an alien space station some 400 years in the future. Russell must contend with racism in New York City’s Harlem while writing the story and unfortunately it will not see publication.


  • Russell inevitably ends up under the care of Dr. Wycoff in an asylum. He continues to write the story of Deep Space Nine—on the walls. Presumably this vision, and the entire preceding life of Benny Russell, is generated by the pah-wraiths.



  • ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’ science fiction/horror classic is theatrically released. In 1996, Rain Robinson will own a plastic model of the creature. Other classic ‘B’ movie favorites of hers are probably from this era, including ‘Orgy Of The Walking Dead,’ ‘Bride Of The Corpse,’ and ‘Vampire Vixens.’ Even Tom Paris is familiar with them in the 24th Century.


  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



  • The movie ‘To Catch a Thief’ is released in cinemas on Earth. In 2374, there will be an argument over 20th Century trivia between Lieutenant Torres and Ensign Kim on Voyager regarding whether or not the film starred Cary Grant or Clark Gable.


  • The sequel to ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’ is released: ‘Revenge Of The Creature.’ In 2377, Lieutenant Paris will view it with 3-D glasses in a holodeck re-creation of the Chicago Palace Theater.


  • The first legitimate, two-dimensional photograph is taken of a Vulcan probe ship by a Terran. By 2018, the number of photographs will total at least 18—and all will be dismissed as frauds and hoaxes.


  • The Designers account for other UFO cases, especially abductions and extraterrestrial contacts, not to mention the crashlanding of Quark’s Treasure less than a decade ago in Roswell, New Mexico.

    [TOS #005, DS9-480]



  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) federal agency is established in North America on Earth. Over the next century it will be responsible for many Terran spaceflights, including the Voyager series unmanned probes and the Charybdis manned mission of 2037.

    [ST-01, TNG-138]

  • ‘The Brain Eaters’ science fiction film is released, loosely based on Robert Heinlein’s ‘The Puppet Masters.’ Roberta Lincoln will see the film and read the novel, and claim that Mr. Spock resembles an alien in the movie.

    [TOS #084]

  • The holosuite character Vic Fontaine‘s programming acknowledges that he performed at the Sands Hotel/Casino this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.



  • Claire Raymond is born on Earth.


  • The song ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ by the Flamingos is released. In 2372, under Lieutenant Paris‘ guidance, Voyager‘s EMH program will utilize the song as background music as he romances Dr. Pel.


  • The Twilight Zone fantasy anthology television series premieres. Young Roberta Lincoln will watch the series on a blue shag carpet.

    [TOS #084]


  • A life prolongation experiment kills the entire adult population on Miri’s World, an exact duplicate of Earth.


  • Gillian Taylor is born on Earth.


  • A Paris Opera riot starts in the middle of the performance of ‘Parsifal.’ In 2367, Commander Riker and Lieutenant Worf will re-create it in a holodeck aboard the Enterprise.


  • ‘The Alamo’ starring John Wayne, Richard Wildmark, and Laurence Harvey is released. This film will be known to Vic Fontaine (holocharacter) in 2375.


  • George Pal’s movie ‘The Time Machine’ is released. By the 23rd Century it will be reconstructed in 3V. An omnitape of the movie will be stocked in James Kirk‘s cabin on Centaurus (Alpha Centauri IV) by the 2260s.

    [TOS #028]


  • The United States nuclear aircraft carrier Enterprise CVN-65 enters service, another of the many vessels named Enterprise which will be honored in both the 23rd and 24th Centuries aboard her successors to the name. In 1986, Commanders Chekov and Uhura will absorb high-energy photons from this vessel’s reactor to recrystallize their own vessel’s dilithium, while the Enterprise is docked at Alameda.

    [ST-01, ST-04, TNG-101, TNG-102, ENT-01, ENT-02]

  • President Eisenhower’s presidential term of office ends. President John F. Kennedy enters office as the 35th president. These historical facts will be stored in the starship Enterprise‘s library computer records.

    [TOS-00, TOS-15, TOS-16]

  • In 2372, Nog will send Jake Sisko a holosuite baseball program featuring the New York Yankees of this year playing against the 1970 Boston Red Sox.



    • A “surf classic” shirt from this year will be replicated by Lieutenant Tom Paris in 2373 aboard Voyager for his holodeck enjoyment.


    • Another holosuite program designed by Bashir (in 2374) set in this era is Vic Fontaine, a fully-interactive and holosuite-conscious Las Vegas lounge singer (Bashir-62).

      [DS9-544, DS9-560]

    • In the Andromeda Galaxy, the Kelvan Empire launches a manned probe ship to explore our galaxy as a prelude to conquest.


    • On the Klingon homeworld, the Kamorh’dag (Northern continent clans/Sta Mura) ascend to power. Their grip on the Empire will last for little more than ten generations.

      [TOS #058]

    • By the 2360s, Kivas Fajo will possess the only existing Roger Maris baseball card issued this era, its bubble gum scent still potent after over four centuries.



    • President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. President Lyndon B. Johnson assumes office as the 36th president. These are more historical facts which will be stored in the starship Enterprise‘s history banks and scanned by the Talosians in 2248.

      [TOS-00, TOS-15, TOS-16]


    • Commander Sisko will be fond of baseball’s World Series this year.


    • Dr. Bashir‘s holosuite program in 2372 will be set in this year, an era which Garak will describe as “having a distinct lack of taste.” Bashir’s program will be loosely based upon spy movies of this time. The follow-up holo program “Queen’s Gambit” he will enjoy in 2373.

      [DS9-482, DS9-515]

    • The movies ‘Fail-Safe’ and ‘Doctor Strangelove’ are released. Roberta Lincoln will have seen them by 1969.

      [TOS #084]


    • The instability of Tau Lyra is first observed during this era.

      [TOS #071]

    • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



    • The Maze of Zondrolla is constructed on Imprima (Dante Maxima VII).

      [TNG #015]

    • Major Kira and Chief O’Brien briefly materialize in this era during their search for Commander Sisko and Dr. Bashir, from 2371.


    • A questionable Borg artifact may or may not have been created this era. Dating of Thorsen’s artifact in 2366 will place its age at 400 years.


    • ‘Mission: Impossible’ premieres. Every episode of this 7-season adventure series will be seen by Rain Robinson by 1996, or so she will claim. Roberta Lincoln will also claim to be well acquainted with this series.

      [VOY-150, TOS #084]


    • On Earth, while camping in the High Sierras, Henry Starling recovers Captain Braxton‘s 29th Century timeship. Captain Braxton makes an emergency beamout, but it falls into Starling’s hands. Starling will found ‘Chronowerx,’ inspired by the craft’s technology, and by 1996 will take credit for laptops, the Internet, and barcode readers. Voyager, from 2372, will destroy the timeship in 1996.

      [VOY-150, VOY-151]

    • The legendary archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos discovers the lost city of Thera. In 2370, Picard will compare himself to Marinatos.

      [TNG #050]


    • Captain John Christopher is stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, near Omaha, Nebraska.


    • The ‘Planet of the Apes’ science fiction film is released. Roberta Lincoln will see it.

      [TOS #084]

    • The song ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ is recorded by Steppenwolf. Fond of the song, Zefram Cochrane will play it during his historical Phoenix flight in 2063.


    • ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ science fiction milestone classic film is released. The musical ‘Funny Girl’ is also released. Roberta Lincoln will plan on seeing these films next year.

      [TOS #084]

    • Har Gorbind Khorana, an Indian-born biochemist, wins the Nobel Prize for his work on the chemistry of the genetic code, and will later lead the team that first synthesizes a biologically active gene.


    • December

      The U.S.S. Enterprise (from 2262) is sent to this time to study Earth‘s history. With the aid of Gary Seven (Supervisor 194), an agent trained by extraterrestrials, World War III is delayed through the sabotage of a suborbital nuclear warhead launch. Roberta Lincoln begins working for Mr. Seven as his secretary and associate. This is the first large-scale UFP time travel project.


    • Mr. Spock conducts historical research on Gary Seven, Isis, and Roberta Lincoln‘s involvement in Earth history. According to Spock‘s report (much of the information speculative, possibly acpocryphal, due to the covert nature of their activities, and Seven’s talent for working behind the scenes of history), Seven and Lincoln will be linked to a number of significant incidents: the averted assassination of Chairman Mao Tse-tung at the Great Wall of China, the apprehension of the so-called Watergate burglars in the District of Columbia, a well-publicized near-disaster at the Three-Mile Island nuclear facility, the defeat of the so-called “cybernauts” in conjunction with a pair of British intelligence operatives, the successful elimination of a top secret conspiracy to clone world leaders, the publication of a best-selling treatise on global cooperation, the destruction of 14 deadly biological weapons (including one spaceborne virus), the birth of a future Nobel prize-winning diplomat, three successful motion pictures of socially transforming value, the crash of the Skylab orbital facility (and the subsequent lack of terrestrial casualties), the “accidental discovery” of an AIDS vaccine, the creation of the first true artificial intelligence, and the defeat and overthrow of Khan Noonien Singh. In addition, according to Lincoln, within the next year: Seven will see to it that Colonel Armstrong’s moonwalk will be successful, Seven’s New York office will be blown up twice and attacked by killer robots once, on one occassion Seven will slip over the Berlin Wall and back without using his transporter, Seven will sneak in and out of the Pentagon with top secret plans for a new type of robot solidier (called the “Quasar” Tapes), a power-hungry megalomaniac with a white Persian kitten will be outwitted by Lincoln, she and Seven will transport in right behind Buckingham Palace guards, and she will slide down a secret tunnel under the White House to stop Professor Tepesch from brainwashing JFK and Jackie. Seven and Isis were also involved in attempting to liberate a former British intelligence agent from an artificial village where he was being held captive as part of an elaborate psychological conditioning experiment. That mission had ended badly, Seven having underestimated the forces arrayed against himself and Isis.

      [TOS #084]

    • Lieutenant Paris will be fond of a 1969 Chevy Camaro of this year’s vintage in the 24th Century, and will feature it in holodeck programs.



    • July

      The U.S.S. Enterprise, enroute to Starbase 9 in 2261, is accidentally time-warped into this era by a black star. It is spotted on Earth radar, and reported as a UFO by Captain John Christopher. This is the starship Enterprise‘s first journey back into history. Using Sol’s gravitational attraction, the Enterprise returns to the future.


    • 16 July

      The first manned moon shot, consisting of three astronauts, is launched on Wednesday, 6 AM EST. Humans first set foot on Earth‘s moon, Neil Armstrong being the first. It is the first of several successful landings on the Moon. This is the start of Human manned interplanetary exploration.

      [TOS-21, GN-07, FASA]

    • As interplanetary travel is perfected, Earth‘s moon will be heavily colonized over the coming centuries. By 2373, 50 million people will live on the moon. Tycho City, New Berlin, and Lake Armstrong will be visible from Earth.


    • 19 July

      Gary Seven, Isis, and Roberta Lincoln return to their New York apartment (811 East 68th Street, Apt. 12-B) after ensuring Neil Armstrong‘s lunar walk. Seven receives an emergency beacon, sent by Agent 146 in the Romulan Star Empire, from three centuries in the future. There, the Romulans have captured his base and have changed future history by assassinating Captain Spock at the Khitomer Conference. Seven, Isis, and Lincoln beam themselves to 2262 in the future, aboard the starship Enterprise to rectify the damaged timeline.

      [TOS #084]

    • 20 July

      Seven, Isis, and Lincoln return in time to view the moon landing. Their mission into the future was successful. Roberta Lincoln expresses interest in seeing a motion picture—but ‘Funny Girl’ instead of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ since the latter would probably not live up to the real thing she had experienced.

      [TOS #084]

    • 16 August

      The philosopher Q (Quinn) gives Maury Ginsberg, a spotlight operator at Woodstock, a ride in a jeep on Earth when his own van breaks down. The concert is saved by Q’s intervention, also allowing Ginsberg to meet his future wife (“a groovy chick with long red beads”), become a successful orthodontist, and have 4 kids in Scarsdale.


    • The Imperial Palace on Romulus is built during this era.

      [TNG #053]

    • Starling introduces the very first isograted circuit. Chronowerx industries will accelerate the computer age of the late 20th Century via Captain Braxton‘s pillaged timeship.



    • 05 February

      Rain Robinson has a photograph of Alan B. Shepard, Jr. of Apollo 14 taken on this date at Fra Mauro Highlands in her office in 1996.

      [SNW-02: “Almost… But Not Quite”]

    • At about this time on Krantin, it is discovered that the Plague is not the result of natural industrial pollutants as this world develops towards pollution-free machinery.

      [TNG #036]

    • The Romulans colonize Ysail during this era.

      [TOS #096]



    • In the Rabinowitz family, the tradition starts of saying prayers in both Hebrew and English.


    • On Earth, the Redjac entity kills five women in Kiev, Russia.


    • Kavis Alpha, a neutron star, explodes.


    • In the Delta Quadrant, the Lumalit establish a lottery system to select which babies are to be destroyed, in order to control their ever-growing populations.

      [CT #4]

    • A smallpox epidemic kills approximately ten to twenty thousand people in India.


    • The Soviet Union launches a major germ warfare program, “Biopreparat,” despite having signed the Biological Weapons Convention shortly before. The program will ultimately employ approximately 32 thousand scientists and staff, and develops special refrigerated warheads capable of delivering smallpox or bubonic plague to target sites within The United States and Europe.


    • 18 May

      An underground nuclear explosion detonates beneath the desert in Rajasthan, India. The Indian government claims it is a peaceful atomic test, but it is in actuality the destruction of the Chrysalis Project at the hands of Gary Seven.



    • The Enterprise (OV-101) orbiter is commissioned. This first reusable space shuttle is used as a test vehicle. It is named Enterprise because one of the project managers for Rockwell International, the builder of the vehicle, had lost a brother stationed aboard the aircraft carrier of the same name during World War II.

      [ST-01, TOS #054]

    • Gillian Taylor begins to study whales.


    • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



    • The unmanned space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 depart for the outer planets of Sol, following up on the earlier Pioneer missions. These more sophisticated probes will encounter first Jupiter (in 1979) and then Saturn (1980-81), eventually flying by Uranus (in 1985). At least four more Voyager series probes will be launched before the end of the century. Voyager 6 will be the first Human-built artifact to fall into a black hole (perhaps actually a wormhole or transwarp conduit). It will emerge on the far side of the galaxy and be repaired by a machine world for its long return to Earth.





    • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.




    • 01 August

      Phoenix Enterprises Limited is established as a Terran seagoing shipping firm operating out of Sydney, Australia. One of the few corporations to survive World War III relatively intact, Phoenix Enterprises will be instrumental in maintaining the tenuous seaborne contacts between survivors during Earth‘s reconstruction. After the development of warp drive in the 21st Century, Phoenix will will become a space-based transportation firm. It will eventually become one of the major UFP-wide commercial carriers in space, with offices in Salazaar, Sol, Betelgeuse, Argelian, and Antares systems.






    • 28 January
    • The Terran orbital transport Challenger explodes shortly after launch, killing all seven crewmembers aboard. This is the worst tragedy to date in Earth’s fledgling space program. A platinum Challenger commemorative coin will be minted for the grand opening of the first lunar mall. In 2271 it will inspire Nick Keller to name his new ship the Challenger.

      [FASA, TOS #094]

    • January

      Expansion of the Romulan Empire begins spinward.


    • 17 February

      Tom Raymond is born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Earth.


    • A. Bartlett Giamatti becomes president of the National Baseball League, a position he will hold until a fatal heart attack in 1989.

      [DS9 #023]

    • Admiral Kirk lands in San Francisco on Earth from 2287 in a captured Klingon scout vessel. With the help of his crew, he transports two Humpback whales and Dr. Gillian Taylor to the 23rd Century to stop an alien probe.


    • Dulmer and Lucsly in 2373 will be assigned to evaluate the immediate consequences of Kirk’s actions and use the information as part of a new curriculum on Temporal Mechanics being developed for the Starfleet Academy.

      [SNW-02: “Almost… But Not Quite”]

    • On Earth, Marcus Nichols “invents” transparent aluminum with help from Commander Scott, formerly of the U.S.S. Enterprise (possibly “a number of years too early” in this timeline).


    • October

      Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev meets with U.S. President Ronald Reagan in Reykjavik, Iceland, in the hope of convincing Reagan to halt development of the “Star Wars” missile defense system. Reagan is saved from an attempted assassination by Roberta Lincoln and Gary Seven.



    • March

      The Andorians test their first prototypes of sublight interstellar craft.


    • Around this time on Trill, the sh’uk needle-shaped execution tool is phased out.


    • 24 April

      Gabriel Bell, the father of Earth‘s post-modern reformation, is born.

      [DS9-458, DS9-480]

    • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



    • April

      Forty years after the Kobek detonation, that poisoned world finally breaks up from the tidal stresses of its new orbit.



    • Eddie Raymond is born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Earth.


    • In the 2370s, Captain Sisko will replicate an official baseball of the World Series of this year. It will possibly be the same ball kept on his desk during his command of DS9.

      [DS9 #023]

    • November

      The Berlin Wall, separating the western half of the West German city from its East German neighbors, comes down.



    • January

      Kahless epetai-Riskadh launches the daring coup that makes him the first sole Emperor of the (interplanetary) Klingon Empire. The nearly perfected warp drive soon points the Empire toward the stars.


    • Mars will eventually be terraformed and possess a breathable atmosphere by the early 23rd Century. Technological breakthroughs made after contact with the Vulcans in the late 21st Century will make the project feasible and warming of the planet will be accomplished in a fraction of the time predicted by 21st Century scientists. Water and oxygen will be liberated from the subterranean permafrost and genetically engineered bacteria will be introduced into the terrain. The earliest colonists will utilize local Martian resources including basaltic regolith. Tom Paris‘ ancestors will be involved with the early Mars missions.

      [GN-25, VOY-217, ENT-96, ENT-97]


    • An Amish rocking chair built in this era will belong to Winona Kirk in the 23rd Century. By 2292 it will end up in Peter Kirk‘s home on Deneva.


    • The Eugenics Wars result in the death of over 37 million people over the next four years. It starts as a hidden and secretive conflict of science and politics, not an open conflict of munitions and armies.

      [TOS-24, TOS-43, GN-07, GN-44]

    • During this period, Earth‘s bacteriological experiments will develop an infection similiar to that of the Omega IV virus.


    • April

      France suspends nuclear testing shortly before Khan takes possession of the Centre d’Experimentation du Pacifique.


    • June

      The outbreak of the Eugenics Wars limits Terran manned space efforts as resources are turned to global war.


    • ‘Chicago Mobs of the Twenties,’ by Billings and Torgelson is published in New York on Earth. This single book will serve as a guide for the society on Sigma Iotia II in the next two centuries. The specific book affecting Iotian civilization may have originally been a part of Emick’s collection.


    • By summer, war is raging in Liberia, Peru, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sudan, and elsewhere. There are food riots in Albania, race riots in Los Angeles, and ongoing chaos in the former Soviet Union.



    • The eugenics “supermen” seize power across Earth.

      [TOS-24, GN-44]

    • Andrew Wiles proposes a proof of Fermat’s Theorem. Dax will develop her own solution in some 300 years.


    • About this time, a British colonel named Green (father of E.F. Green?) turns traitor and helps the Khans invade Australia. In the centuries to come, a “Green” will become a derogatory term for any Human who willingly serves a non-Human conqueror.

      [TNG #030]

    • 30 September

      A catastrophic earthquake strikes Maharashtra, India. Speculation afterward focuses on the Lower Tirna Reservoir, approximately ten kilometers from the center of the quake, where it is theorized that the reservoir’s contents exerted too much loading on an underlying fault. The quake, however, was actually triggered by an underwater concussive charge, in an attempt to kill Khan. Death tolls vary widely, ranging from nine to thirty thousand.



    • March

      Natives of Delta Khinah (“Bravado”) II become the first Klingon servitor race. The inhabitants of Tehalai will be among the first dozen races conquered by the Klingons. By the 23rd Century, the Klingon Empire will includes at least 12 planets with native sentient races. All of them will be subservient to the Klingons themselves with almost 60% of Klingon starship crewmen consisting of non-Klingons. These are known as “subject races” and are considered less politically reliable than ethnic Klingons. They are almost never allowed to navigate starships or fire their weapons. The subject races will include the Dunkars (orange-skinned Humanoids who will hold many technical positions), Slidarians (which appear to be something of a cross between an ape and a bear with a decidedly cranky disposition—they will form the bulk of ground combat troops), Hiladarians (reptiloids who also will serve in ground combat units), Zoolies (Humanoids with two pairs of eyes to be used as scouts in Klingon ground units), and Cromargs (dwarfs from a radioactive planet, the genetically-deformed descendants of a race that destroyed itself in a nuclear war: they will hold many technical positions).

      [FASA, GN-13]

    • 29 August

      The Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, is struck by a nerve gas attack by Khan against his rival, Vasily Hunyadi. Among the victims is Claire Raymond, a 35-year-old homemaker from Secaucus.


    • A ship of cryogenically frozen dead are launched from Earth. They will be recovered and revived in over three centuries later. These include Ralph Offenhouse, and Claire Raymond, among others.


    • Koban’s ancestors flee Earth aboard an interplanetary vessel. A wormhole transports them across light years into deep space where they will eventually colonize Foothold (Joost-klaara) and become enslaved by the Tseetsk.

      [TNG #021]

    • Admiral George La Forge commissions the light cruiser U.S.S. Detroit. He will have a long line of descendants in Starfleet.


    • 14 November

      General Morrison, an Eugenic “superman” at odds with Khan, sends agents to bomb the opening of passenger service aboard the “Chunnel” Eurotunnel beneath the English Channel. The plan is foiled by Gary Seven and Guinan.



    • The Planet Age on Earth: interplanetary travel is developed, and work starts toward the colonization of the inner planets, with emphasis upon Mars and Earth‘s moon.


    • March

      Members of Aum Shinriko, an apocalyptic cult, release sarin nerve agent in crowded rush-hour subway trains in Tokyo, killing a dozen commuters and injuring countless more.


    • 24 April

      On a demonstration run in the Black Sea, the Gorshkov, a Russian nuclear aircraft carrier, is destroyed by an alien creature. The entire crews’ life-essences are absorbed.

      [TNG #001]

    • 5 September

      A 10-kiloton nuclear explosion occurs in the South Pacific, provoking a storm of international protests. Little does the world realize that France’s apparent resumption of nuclear testing is just a cover story Gary Seven arranged to account for the destruction of Khan‘s germ warfare capability.


    • December

      This month’s issue of ‘Technology Future’ highlights Henry Starling‘s Hyperpro 2000.



    • Resentment against Khan‘s heavy-handed tactics finally bubble over into open revolt. Following his bombing of Khan‘s “terrorist base” in Chandigarh, U.S. President Bill Clinton launches similar raids on Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and Serbia.


    • 26 January

      Despite the mysterious theft of the original prototype from the Area 51 test site in the Nevada desert, the DY-100 class sleeper ships become the mainstay of mankind’s continuing exploration of space, until innovations in sublight propulsion render them obsolete by 2018.


    • Khan Noonien Singh, absolute ruler of more than a quarter of Earth, from South Asia to the Middle East, escapes aboard the S.S. Botany Bay, the stolen DY-100 sleeper vessel prototype, with a crew of 97 “supermen.” Their destination is Tau Ceti, possibly the destination of other supermen who will be wiped out.

      [TOS-24, FASA, TNG #042]

    • The Eugenics Wars come to an end. Dr. Stavros Keniclius, Earth‘s first cloned Human, is banned from the scientific community. The tyrants’ altered Humans are declared wards of the United Nations and are sent to live in a series of camps in isolated areas. Gene engineering of Humans is banned, although certain groups will pass on the forbidden knowledge. Many of the men and women who married the Khans are hunted down and lynched. Their children are killed just as ruthlessly. In desperation, many manage to flee off-world. Several hundred half-Khan children are secretly brought to Alaska. Quite a few of these Alaskans are bound to be William Riker’s ancestors, although this is never proven. Thousands of genetically altered embryos are secretly kept in cryogenic suspension.

      [TAS-02, TOS #066, TNG #042, DS9-514, ENT-81, ENT-82]

    • One of Chakotay‘s ancestors is a school teacher in Arizona during this era.


    • 01 June

      T.K. Isenson publishes an article, “Primary space as a ‘solvent’; the evidence for a nonisotropic entropy gradient” in Volume 15 of “Paraphysical Cosmology.”

      [TOS #013]

    • Voyager, from 2372, returns to Earth via Captain Braxton‘s time rift. Subspace readings lead Captain Janeway and an away team to Captain Braxton in San Diego, now a homeless man marooned on Earth since 1967. Henry Starling of Chronowerx attempts to launch Braxton’s timeship. Without recalibrating the temporal matrix it will cause a temporal catastrophe in the 29th Century, annihilating the Sol system. Voyager is detected over Earth by Rain Robinson at the SETI lab (via the starship’s warp emissions) and documented as a UFO during a low pass to beam up Janeway and her away team. Using the starship’s transporter beam as a downlink, Starling downloads 20% of Voyager‘s databanks, including the ship’s Emergency Medical Hologram.


    • Unknown to Voyager‘s crew, Dulmer and Lucsly, from 2373, journey to this period and aid in the escape of the Starfleet officers in an automobile.

      [SNW-02: “Almost… But Not Quite”]

    • Janeway combats Starling’s 29th Century technology. Commander Chakotay and Lieutenant Torres briefly find themselves captive in Arizona. The holographic doctor receives an autonomous hologram projector. The Timeship Aeon is destroyed by a photon torpedo manually launched by Captain Janeway. Captain Braxton arrives from the future to transport Voyager back to its proper time and place in the Delta Quadrant of the 24th Century (so as not to violate the Temporal Prime Directive).


    • ‘Nightingale Woman,’ a love sonnet, is written by Phineas Tarbolde on Canopus III. Onaya probably kills him by tapping and stimulating his neural energy. It will be Gary Mitchell’s opinion that ‘Nightingale Woman’ is one of the most passionate love sonnets in the past couple of centuries, in the 23rd Century. Onaya will go on to stimulate/kill many other artists including Catullus, Tavor Kell, before being stopped with Jake Sisko. Captain Picard will have a leatherbound copy of the collected poetry of Tarbolde in 2374 aboard the Enterprise-E.

      [TOS-01, DS9-493, TNG #047]

    • The Andorian Empire is formed with the first colonization of another world by Andorian explorers.




    • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


    • 31 October

      Harmon Buck “Buckaroo” Gin Bokai is born in Marina Del Rey, California on Earth.



    • Sometime during the 1990s, Chris Brynner has an elaborate Maori tribal pattern tattoo job done on his arm while in high school.


    • Stalik is born on Vulcan.

      [TOS #027]

    • In the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, Earth has a serious drug problem. Its problem will be solved by the development of a virus that short-circuits the effects of cocaine and heroin, blocking its ability to attach itself to the receptor sites in the brain. But it will take 50 years.

      [TOS #080]

    • On Melacron V the inhabitants learn to transform common bacteria into cures for a variety of diseases.

      [TNG #056]

    • Shannon O’Donnell sleeps through the millennium eve. The world doesn’t end, the flying saucers don’t land, and the Y2K Bug doesn’t turn off a single light bulb.


    • 31 December

      Q briefly visits Times Square in New York City on Earth during the New Year’s Eve festivities. He meets a girl named Melony (who is, unknown to him, a superior being).