Real World Timeline

Real World Timeline (1960-present)

Early 1960s

Ex-police officer and noted Western writer Gene Roddenberry begins developing ideas for a new adventure television series. One of his concepts involves a 19th-century dirigible á la Jules Verne. His ideas eventually evolve into Star Trek, which Roddenberry refers to as “Wagon Train to the Stars.”


Roddenberry submits a series proposal for Star Trek to MGM, wher he receives the first of several rejections. Conventional wisdom in the television industry holds that science fiction is too expensive and too difficult to produce.

Desilu Studios agrees to develop Star Trek, and signs Roddenberry to a development deal. Desilu attempts to sell the series concept to CBS, which initially expresses interest, but instead develops a series called Lost in Space. The NBC network agrees to fund the Star Trek pilot, featuring a script written by Roddenberry.

“The Cage” (TOS) is filmed with Jeffrey Hunter in the part of Enterprise captain Christopher Pike.


The completed episode is delivered to NBC, which subsequently rejects the pilot.

NBC makes the highly unusual move of ordering a second pilot episode, requesting that several changes be made in the Star Trek format. Among these is the elimination of a woman second-in-command and the alien Mr. Spock. Roddenberry accedes to the first request, but refuses on the second. NBC also requests that the series be more solidly action-adventure based. Three new scripts are developed for the second pilot. These include “Mudd’s Women,” “The Omega Glory,” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” is filmed with William Shatner in the role of Captain James T. Kirk. Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock is the only character retained from the first pilot episode.


NBC accepts the second Star Trek pilot episode and places the show in its upcoming Fall schedule. Production begins on the first regular episode, entitled “The Corbomite Maneuver.”

  • 8 Sep: “The Man Trap” (TOS-05) airs.
  • 15 Sep: “Charlie X” (TOS-07) airs.
  • 22 Sep: “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (TOS-01) airs.
  • 29 Sep: “The Naked Time” (TOS-06) airs.
  • 6 Oct: “The Enemy Within” (TOS-04) airs.
  • 13 Oct: “Mudd’s Women” (TOS-03) airs.
  • 20 Oct: “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” (TOS-09) airs.
  • 27 Oct: “Miri” (TOS-11) airs.
  • 3 Nov: “Dagger of the Mind” (TOS-10) airs.
  • 10 Nov: “The Corbomite Maneuver” (TOS-02) airs.
  • 17 Nov: “The Menagerie, Part I” (TOS-15) airs.
  • 24 Nov: “The Menagerie, Part II” (TOS-16) aiirs.
  • 8 Dec: “The Conscience of the King” (TOS-12) airs.
  • 15 Dec: “Balance of Terror” (TOS-08) airs.
  • 29 Dec: “Shore Leave” (TOS-17) airs.


  • 5 Jan: “The Galileo Seven” (TOS-13) airs.
  • 2 Feb: “Court Martial” (TOS-14) airs.