Prime: The Time of Awakening

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67 B.C.E.

  • Surak is born on Vulcan, the son of T’Leia and Stef. The Eye of Fire, light from the Sigma-1014 Orionis nova, reaches Vulcan.
    [TOS #035, GN-13, GN-04]
  • In at least one of the Mirror universe realities, Surak dies as an infant, thus his people never develop emotional control and the philosophy of Infinite Diversity.

61 B.C.E.

  • With the end of the Orion war in sight, the Botchok Planetary Congress debates the form of social organization they will adopt afterward. Tamos Draman the Half-Sighted argues eloquently for a hierarchy in which the Greys are slightly higher than the Ruddies. Eventually the BPC produces the Codex Orion, a compendium of the laws of society, in which Greys and Ruddies are equals.

60 B.C.E.

  • Stef, the father of Surak, hands the Ko N’ya (Devil’s Heart) stone over to his one remaining son, Surak, following a battle on the Ishaya plain near Mt. Selaya and isk’Kahr. He freely surrenders the stone to Garamond, a warrior of the Ghe’Hara clan, the next day.

57 B.C.E.

  • The Orion War ends.

56 B.C.E.

  • A thousand years of nearly uninterruped peace, growth, and prosperity also prepares the Orions, unknowingly, for the Reverse which will wreck their culture. Social differences become wider and more rigid. Colonies of Greys without any Ruddies, and Ruddies without a single Grey, start to appear in odd corners of Orion space.

48 B.C.E.

42 B.C.E.

  • Tiberius Claudius Nero, Roman Emperor, is born on Earth. James Kirk‘s middle name will come from his grandfather, who was named for this historical figure.
    [TOS #001, ST-11, ON #15]
  • Roughly during this period, Captain Miles Gloriosus enters The Captain’s Table bar.
    [CT #5]

37 B.C.E.

22 B.C.E.

  • 18 January (139954 Vulcan Old Date)
    (Orion) Duthulhiv pirates land on Vulcan in an attempt to loot it. This first extra-Vulcanian contact will result in a split in Vulcan society and lead up to the first Vulcan interstellar colonization.
    [TOS #035, GN-04]

16 B.C.E.

  • (139970 Vulcan Old Date)
    The number of Seheik (“Declared”) on Vulcan approaches 12,000. These are the followers of S’task wanting to establish a “New Vulcan”.
    [TOS #035]

7 B.C.E.

6 B.C.E.

  • (140005 Vulcan Old Date)
    Zakal the Terrible, the greatest of the Kolinahr masters, dies on Vulcan.
  • S’task recruits 12,000 Vulcans to depart Vulcan with him. Many more will follow, totalling 80,000.
    [TOS #035, GN-04, GN-05]
  • On Earth the religious figure Jesus Christ is born; he will form the basis of Christianity. Christmas will be celebrated aboard the Enterprise numerous times. In 2264, the delusional Thomas Clayton will claim to be Jesus Christ.
    [TOS-43, TOS-10, ON #09]
  • This is the era of the Hundred Year War between the Vulcan and the (as yet unnamed) Romulan factions on Vulcan, presumably leading to their mass departure. Q will later claim that one many “self-destructive stunts” by Quinn, the philosopher Q, which created the misunderstanding that ignited this war.
    [VOY-130, ENT-83, ENT-84]

30 C.E.

  • Roughly around this time on the planet Gnala, the mating ritual to fertilize eggs becomes less a biological imperative and more a matter of personal pride.
    [SGZ #2]

67 C.E.

  • During this era the Bijani homeworld is destroyed by a planetary cataclysm and the entire race pursues a nomadic lifestyle wandering through space.

80 C.E.

c. 150 C.E.

  • (12 Ahhahr 140005 Vulcan Old Date)
    The 80,000 leave Vulcan orbit in the first interstellar Vulcan migration outside 40 Eridani. Rea’s Helm is the first ship followed by Warbird, Starcatcher, T’Hie, Pennon, Bloodwing, Corona, Lance, Gorget, Sunheart, Forge, Lost Road, Blacklight, Firestorm, Vengeance, Memory, and Shield. The survivors will later found the Romulan Star Empire.
    [TOS #035, GN-04]
  • Garamond, one of the Vulcan emigrants, takes the Ko N’ya with him on their voyage to the new world later known as Romulus. He will live to be nearly three hundred years old (not counting relativistic time dilation?) and upon his death the Ko N’ya will be taken by his wife, Queen J’ross. She will plan on organizing the Romulan people and perhaps return them to the stars…
  • Prior to the Time of Awakening on Vulcan, Surak is said to have founded the legendary city of ShiGral, an oasis of logic and peace. Some stories go so far as to claim that ShiGral was the only place Surak‘s ideals were ever fully realized.
  • The Hipon colonize the Fazi homeworld.
    [ENT #02]

160 C.E.

  • The Hipon learn that the Fazi are sentient but discovering that contact is fatal, they decide to gradually feed information to the Fazi.
    [ENT #02]

242 C.E.

  • A series of deeply incised pits is created at Mount Seleya on Vulcan from laser cannon fire.
  • Surak‘s teachings lead the Vulcan people devoted to logic, non-violence, and IDIC (as expressed in Surak‘s Vulcan salute: the small finger representing the philosophy of IDIC, the ring finger representing the philosophy of Nome, the middle finger representing the doctrine of the domination of logic over emotion, the index finger representing reverence-for-life, and the thumb standing alone to represent the high regard placed on individual privacy). This is the era of the Reformation.

260 C.E.

  • The ancestors of Sarek gain ceremonial ground on Vulcan where their Pon Farr ceremonies will be carried out.
  • On UFC 892 IV, a culture similar to that of Earth‘s Roman Empire evolves (later explained by Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planet Development, or perhaps the involvement of the Preservers). This planet is also identical to Earth in density, diameter, and atmosphere and by the 2260s it will have progressed to the equivalent of Earth’s 20th Century.

314 C.E.

  • The Shalakai Empire dies out during the Great Rebellion. The Shalakai are called “soul-eaters” and stories will persist of the Shalakai being a race of immortals.

320 C.E.

370 C.E.

  • Boradis III is used as an outpost for the Debrune, an ancient offshoot of the Romulans.
  • The Stone of Gol, a psionic resonator, is believed destroyed by the gods on Vulcan during the Awakening. It is actually disassembled.
  • The Confederacy of Surak is founded on Vulcan.
  • In the Dragon Empire, Lord Shen Fu bluffs his opponent and 7,000 perish (or so will claim Li Po in 2370 despite the Dragon Empire theoretically being an Earth colony launched in the early 21st Century).
    [TNG #038]
  • The Bajoran Republic fights a war against a nonhumanoid race called the Vorel. The Bajorans will eventually win the war and take possession of several star systems including the Tarvo system.
  • In the Delta Quadrant, the Vidiian Sodality is ravaged by the Phage virus. It will continue to consume their bodies, destroying their tissues for over two millennia. The harvesting of replacement organs will become routine.
  • Roughly during this period, the Great Move begins: the Mist inhabitants learn how to phase-shift out of the normal continuum. Five complete star systems are phased over. By the 2370s, the Mist universe will consist of 208 systems.
    [CT #3]

371 C.E.

  • A Yoruba mask is fashioned in Africa on Earth. Some 2,000 years later it will be a prized possession of Commander Benjamin Sisko.
  • The Disarrui lead a thriving interstellar “pocket empire” around the 1865 Serpens system. They will vanish almost overnight when a large meteor the size of Earth‘s moon destroys the homeworld. Possessing a “geobond” to the homeworld, the Disarrui all die out over the next century or two. Their remaining worlds will be plundered.
    [TNG #045]
  • In the Delta Quadrant, the Akerians develop faster-than-light travel and basic shielding capabilities. The Akerian Empire is born when six worlds become subject to their rule.
    [VOY #06]

372 C.E.

373 C.E.

  • Kula Dhad meets Aren Yashar in the Delta Quadrant. Dhad will become Yashar’s right-hand-man in Ja’in piracy.
    [VOY #14]

374 C.E.

375 C.E.

  • This is roughly the era of the decline of the Hebitian Age on Cardassia Prime. The depletion of the planet’s resources and the rise of a worldwide ascetic movement breeds a new variety of stoics calling themselves Cardassians, meaning ‘people of discipline.’ Ignoring the boundaries of the Hebitian kingdoms, the new society will come to revolve around extended families, where respect for one’s elders supercedes respect for one’s monarch. The Cardassians will have a great many centuries of misery ahead of them.
  • Q visits Terwil IX around this period and becomes known to the inhabitants as the Laughing God. Two thousand years later, Romulans will be acquainted with Q.

455 C.E.

  • The Tullvans of Zeta Geminorum die out.
    [ON #06]

476 C.E.

500 C.E.

560 C.E.

  • The Vulcan colony ships encounter the Iruhe in the 4408 Beta Trianguli system—and suffer massive casualties. Two colony ships are manipulated into crashing into the “Iaehh” (“Intellivore“) entity. The son of a Romulan spy will relay the legend to Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the 24th Century. Despite action by the Organians in 2261, the mind-eater will still thrive until the Enterprise-D‘s assault in 2371.
    [TOS #035, TNG #045]

664 C.E.

  • The Tam Paupa is stolen from the premier of Pandro (Garo VII). Chaos and civil wars will result, lasting for three centuries.
    [Log #09]

712 C.E.

722 C.E.

740 C.E.

  • On Kronos, the Kri’stak Volcano erupts. It will be nearly a century before it erupts again.

761 C.E.

772 C.E.

791 C.E.

  • Warring factions on Areta (Beta Circinus III) unleash a nuclear holocaust that devastates large portions of the planet.
    [TOS #044]

811 C.E.

  • A weakening centralized government on Botchok coincides with the growing strength in the outlying regions of Orion space. All 15 outermost regions effectively secede from the Botchok Planetary Congress. Government becomes chaotic and social conditions worsen throughout Orion space.

817 C.E.

  • Kellein, daughter of Vathraq, is born on Kronos. Toragh becomes a metalsmith. In 20 years he will forge the first batlh’etlh (“sword of honor”) under orders from Kahless.

822 C.E.