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  • This is the era of the European Hegemony: a loose political alliance on Earth and the beginnings of a world government.
  • The poet Radolph Na comes from this century.
    [VOY #09]
  • Liam Dieghan is also from this era. He will be the founder of the Neo-Transcendentalist Movement, advocating a return to a simpler life in harmony with nature.
  • Josephina Pentangeli, a conceited opera diva, also comes from the 21st Century. Voyager‘s holographic doctor will consult her simulacrum on the holodeck in 2373.
  • Early 22nd Century Western neo-classical symphonies will influence the dominant music on Tyrtaeus II.
    [TOS #083]
  • Sometime during this century, the Quadros I probe of the Gamma Quadrant will map the ternary Idran system, and run a hydrogen-alpha spectral analysis on this star located some 70,000 light years from Bajor. The wormhole from the Alpha to Gamma Quadrants discovered in the 24th Century opens near the Idran system.
    [DS9-401, DS9-402]


  • The EarthVulcan Cultural Exchange begins. Many new treatments and techniques in the field of medical science result. Zefram and Monica Cochrane take part in one of the first diplomatic missions to a colony world established by the Vulcans. Zefram Cochrane unconditionally turns over all of his warp drive research.


  • Archaria III is settled by a Human sect of religious fundamentalists called the Brotherhood.
    [TNG #051]
  • The S.S. Hokule’a is launched on a deep space exploration mission to the Ficus sector, a DY-500-C ship commanded by Melinda Snodgrass.


  • A new wave of Human colonists arrives on Mars. An acrylic image on black velvet from this period, inspiration for the flag of the 22nd Century’s Martian Colony, will be auctioned off on DS9 in 2373 by Quark.
    [VOY-120, GN-25, DS9-523]







  • The Human settlers on Archaria III encounter Peladian settlers who had colonized the planet almost simulateously. After a series of small wars, as the two sides got to know each other, peaceful relations and coexistance will begin. With the increasing agricultural importance of Archaria III their differences will largely be put aside in favor of economic cooperation.
    [TNG #051]


  • Around this time, Halaylah’s artist’s colony on Atropos has fallen. The Devil’s Heart will remain buried within her tomb until 2368.


  • Praxiteles Timshel and his group settles the planet Timshel. After the Landing, there is a big population surge and then a die-off: from 1500 to one million in a century. The colony will build a way of life focused on thought, discussion, creativity, and art.
    [TOS #080]
  • Jonathan Archer is born.
    [ENT #01]


  • Poverty, disease, and war are gone from Earth. Contact with the Vulcans and other extraterrestrials is partly responsible, following Cochrane‘s warp drive breakthrough.
    [ST-08, ENT-01]
  • The Tellarite composer Fronch writes organ music during this period. This is also the era during which Orion slavers kidnap an aquatic race. They escape with a ship and stolen technology to the lifeless waterworld Pacifica.
    [SNW-02: “The Hero of My Own Life”]
  • The Cicada star system (Sector 4423) is briefly explored. Over the next 150 years, a ship will disappear in this region exactly every 27.346 years.


  • A cure is found for hyperthyroidism.
    [TOS #056]


  • The Marco Polo encounters the Galactic Maelstrom, henceforth known as “Polo’s Bolos”: twin black holes in motion.
    [ON #15]


  • Peter Lauritson commands the S.S. Tomobiki RT-2203 vessel on a deep space exploration mission of the Ficus sector.
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).
  • Zefram Cochrane dedicates the Warp Five Complex on Earth. One of the chief scientists of the complex, which is dedicated to designing a craft capable of achieving Warp Five, is Henry Archer.
    [ENT #01, ENT-01]
  • April: At the Lazy Eight Ranch in Micah Township on Centauri B II, Monica Cochrane dies—assassinated by Colonel Adrik Thorsen. Thorsen then sets off a matter-antimatter explosion at the foundation. Zefram Cochrane decides to flee to the Stapledon Center (Wolf 359) aboard his warp 1.8 yacht, the Bonaventure II.
  • May: After 40 days alone in space aboard the Bonaventure II, Cochrane encounters the Companion, an intelligent entity composed of ionized gas. The Companion rejuvenates the 87-year-old Cochrane and terraforms Gamma Canaris N (Planetoid 527) to suit him.
  • Zefram Cochrane is reported missing.
    [TOS-31, STM]
  • Following the disappearance of Zefram Cochrane, the planet Cochrane I (Zeta Riguli VII) is settled by Humans and Alpha Centaurians. Rich in dilithium and radioactives, Cochrane I will quickly become a thriving industrial planet, hosting the central administrative center for the UFP’s Department of Colonization and numerous subsidiary agencies and organizations.



  • The Bajoran wormhole again undergoes subspace inversion.




  • Tanok, a Vulcan ethnologist, moves to Earth where he will live for 50 years.
    [S31 #4]


  • A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region.





  • The S.S. Carrizal‘s flyby of the Romulan home worlds (128 Trianguli) results in the Rihannsu preparing for a war against the UFP.
    [TOS #035]


  • The H.M.S. New Zealand, a DY-732 (N) ship commanded by Bob Lederman, embarks on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan in the Ficus sector.


  • July: The D-4A D’ama (Predator) class cruiser enters service in the Klingon Fleet. The predecessor of the famed D-7 class, it pioneers the command-pod-forward design which will later become the standard for most modern Klingon warships. This class will see extensive action in the Demon War.
    [FASA, ENT-05]


  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.
  • The S.S. Balboa enters the Romulan system on a peace mission. A squadron of fifty Rihannsu ships destroy the Balboa with massed particle beams. The Romulans then use high-powered lasers to decompress the crew compartments of the S.S. Stone Mountain. The Romulan War begins, despite Earth being totally in the dark regarding the coming waves of hit-and-run “pirates” in the years to come.
    [TOS #035]
  • Jennifer Anne MacIntyre marries George William Jefferies. Their grandson, Frederick William Jefferies, will design the Jefferies Tube component of future starships.
    [TOS #052]
  • The S.S. Buckaroo Banzai, a BBI-993 spaceship commanded by John Whorfin, is launched on a mission to Planet 10 (Dim 8) in the Ficus sector.


  • A nostalgic replica of a 19th Century pilot schooner vessel is built. By 2267 it will be renamed the Edith Keeler by Captain Kirk.
    [TOS #031]



  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


  • June: Continued advances are made in communications theory and technology. Research leads to a level of near-perfect efficiency. From this point on, messages sent via warp radio travel at the unbelievable speed of Warp 15, or 3375 times the speed of light. Over the next two years, all starships have their communications equipment modified accordingly.
  • On Bajor, Barak Nai is First Minister.
    [DS9 #026]



  • 03 November: The S.S. Atlas, a cargo ship operating near the frontier of Human space, is attacked and destroyed, though this is not known until the recovery of its marker/recorder buoy containing a complete transcript of the events preceding the Atlas‘ destruction. The Muleskinner, an ore carrier, is spacejacked by pirates. The Atlas was destroyed by a Romulan patrol craft for wandering into Romulan territory. At first the Romulans suspect that Human incursions into their space may be a Klingon deception. Later, the Imperial Council, remembering the ‘Klingon lesson,’ decides not to risk negotiation, in the hope that destruction of all intruders will keep the Humans from expanding into Romulan Space.
  • 17 November: After failing to arrive as scheduled at the Sector 5D Agricultural Colony, the S.S. Atlas is listed as missing.


  • 21 February: A Starfleet scout ship recovers the recorder-marker buoy from the lost cargo vessel S.S. Atlas. Tapes from the buoy reveal that the transport was not lost in space, but was fired upon by enemy aliens of unknown origin. Starfleet Command later learns that this was the first act of violence committed by the Romulans.
  • Through the assimilation of different species, the Borg come to discover the Omega molecule, which they name Particle 010: the most powerful substance known to exist, capable of destroying subspace. It becomes a Borg directive to assimilate it at all costs, as they view the molecule as perfection. The Borg will sacrifice 29 vessels and 600,000 drones in an attempt to synthesize Particle 010.
  • 18 October
    The S.S. Amaretto is attacked by two starships of unknown configuration. The vessels are similar to those described by the commander of the S.S. Atlas. The freighter is severely damaged, but the attackers break off when a four-ship destroyer squadron appears. The flagship attempts to establish communications for purposes of identification and explanation. The alien vessel fails to understand or ignores all efforts to communicate, and successfully evades pursuit.


  • The Delta VII outpost is destroyed, presumably by pirates. Years later, it is discovered this was actually the Romulans.
  • November
    A total of 32 unarmed warp-driven message probes are launched toward areas of uncharted space from starships and planets near Delta VII. Each probe contains complete symbolic instructions and messages in every known language. The messages request the establishment of diplomatic relations and the resolution of any existing dispute via peaceful means. No probe is ever regained, and all are assumed to be lost or destroyed by the pirates.
  • The S.S. Urusei Yatsura DY-430 spaceship, commanded by Dave Glick, embarks on a nebula survey project into the Ficus sector.


  • The Theta VII mining and subterranean farming colony is established.
  • Jonathan Archer saves “Trip” Tucker‘s life. During the Omega training mission on Titan, Tucker’s EV pack freezes up and he suffers from nitrogen narcosis, leading him to try to take off his helmet. Archer convinces him to keep his helmet on even though Trip thinks he’s going to die.
    [ENT-04, ENT-05]
  • 08 July: Starfleet Engineering Command’s first major construction project culminates in the activation of Starbase 1. This is the first major artificial construction, repair, and service facility built for Starfleet Command. Its first commander is Commodore Felix Pjindik after it ends its year-long tow to Sector 3A, with Chief Engineer Hobbes. Starbase 1 (or in any case the first starbase) has a hull of natural cometary ice.
    [FASA, DS9 #016]



  • August
    Starbase 3 is completed and assumes operational status. This base is used as the primary command headquarters for Starfleet Operations during the Romulan War. Its great distance from the front makes command, control, and communications protocols difficult to execute efficiently. For this reason many Starfleet squadron and group commanders are able to exert enormous personal authority, responsibility, and initiative while fighting this war.
  • First contact is achieved with the Azziz.


  • A single world government is in existence on Earth, with the final holdout, Australia, joining.
  • Warp drive is developed during the Slichez Age on Betelgeuse.
  • With the androids‘ unification of the planet Vemla, war is abolished—until the androids revolt in 2347.
    [TNG #020]
  • Tetsuo Inomata, Hikaru Sulu‘s great-grandfather, is born. His son, Kikani Sulu, will be a shuttle pilot on Earth for most of his life.
    [TOS #047, S31 #3]
  • Construction begins on an Earth base which will eventually become Starbase 11. It is the only one of Earth’s original 14 interstellar bases to be converted into a Federation Starfleet facility.
  • The Mandara volcano on Tohvun III becomes inactive during this era.
    [DS9 #027]