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  • January: At this point, the Romulan Empire numbers 216 colonies and planets.
  • 30 January: The Romulan scoutship “L’Sattak” returns for the second Romulan survey of Delta Khinah II, and discovers the Klingon presence there. The scoutship is destroyed, but not before transmitting its logs to a colonization convoy trailing it by 20 solar days.
  • 01 February: With days to prepare, the large Romulan force obliterates the small Klingon garrison at Delta Khinah II, starting the first Klingon/Romulan War.
  • The “Green Death,” Vegan Choriomeningitus, ravages Vega IX. The Vegan Tyranny begins to decline.
  • Morse code goes out of use, although the Beta Prometheans will use it to contact the U.S.S. Excelsior NCC-2000 in 2292.
    [TOS #074]
  • Early in the 21st Century, the Acts of Cumberland are passed.
  • 27 December: Passing through Indiana on her way to Florida in a station wagon, Shannon O’Donnell (an ancestor of Kathryn Janeway) meets Henry Janeway at Alexandria Books.
  • 31 December: Shannon O’Donnell convinces Henry Janeway, the last holdout, to allow the Millennium Gate project to commence. A self-sustaining city and experimental biosphere, it will serve as a model for the Mars colony. O’Donnell becomes a consulting engineer on the project and will inspire Kathryn Janeway. She will marry Henry Janeway.


  • At about this time astronomers on Earth, using ground-based adaptive optic telescopes, resolve at least two additional bodies in the Alpha Centauri system: two large planets caught up in a complex, oscillating orbital pattern around the A and B stars.
  • 11 September: Terrorists on Earth seize control of four airliners, using them as weapons of mass destruction by crashing two into the World Trade Center towers in New York City. The third crashes into the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and the fourth crashes in rural Pennsylvania when the passengers attempt to regain control of the aircraft.


  • 07 January: Bio/Genetic Research, Inc. is founded in London, England, on Earth. Beginning business by conducting research into radiation sickness, the company will develop Hydronilen, a genetically engineered compound used to retard the effects of high-level radiation.
  • 07 February: The Loraxial Corporation is founded on Andor, initially to design accelerator cannons. Near the end of the Four Years War, Priscilla Feddic will create an efficient antimatter containment system which will lead to the first operational photon torpedo. In the 2240s, this torpedo system will be installed on front-line ships and wreak havoc on Klingon ships before the war’s end. Loraxial will be responsible for several of these photon system designs.
  • The great Metropolitan Opera Riot occurs during a production of the “Ring” when holographic special effects malfunction. A critic from the Times is tracked down and spray-painted after reviewing it. In 2367, Commander Riker and Lieutenant Worf will re-create this riot in a holodeck aboard the Enterprise.
  • August: Jackson Roykirk‘s interstellar probe, Nomad (Mk-15c), is launched from Earth to seek out new forms of life. It will later be reported damaged by a meteor and lost in space, in the vicinity of Zeta Reticuli.
    [TOS-37, STM]


  • Lieutenant McMillan is scheduled to be a copilot on a joint mission with the Europeans aboard a space station for four months.
  • 1 February: The Space Shuttle Columbia breaks up upon reentering Earth‘s atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard.
  • 15 June: Klingon forces crush Romulan resistance at their two major outposts, forcing a Romulan withdrawal from the disputed area. The Star Empire gives up two outposts, having taken heavy losses. Emperor Kahless is killed in the final battle, and the Riskadh line ends, along with the First Klingon/Romulan War.
  • October: Utilizing solar sails, Alpha Centaurians begin a concerted effort to populate other planets within their own stellar system.
  • Rear Admiral Thomas Chandley, one of the most-decorated naval heroes of Terran history, executes his brilliant blockade of Soviet ports during the Aleutian Incident.


  • 22 February: Kagran epetai-D’kariv, temporary Imperial Regent, officially takes the throne after being confirmed by the Imperial Council.


  • The Icelandic public databank is established. It is the first attempt at creating a synthetic consciousness.
    [TOS #042]


  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).
  • 21 December: The Romulans begin a period of slow, cautious expansion in the direction of the Klingon Empire. The expansion ends 40 years later, setting the boundaries for what will become known as the Triangle, where many of the recurring skirmishes between these two powers and the UFP will take place.


  • The five interstellar ships are launched from orbit around the outer planets. These include the Forty Families generation ship which is the first Earth interstellar ship to use a Bussard ramjet for propulsion (not counting two robot probes). The Forty Families will be lost. Two more ramjet generation ships will be launched. One ship, the Marilee, commanded by Captain Wayne Perry, will colonize Perry’s Planet. One such vessel, carrying colonists from Earth‘s Asian continent, may colonize Pai and form the Dragon Empire. Another generation ship, the Alamo will probably be launched during this era.
    [ON #11, ON #14, TNG #038, TNG #039]
  • This is the approximate era during which (according to legend) Klingon Emperor Kessec founded the First Empire with the Pagrashtak (Devil’s Heart) won from his greatest enemy, a neighboring warrior-king. His brother, Batahr, kills him for the stone but then repents and uses the Pagrashtak to resurrect his brother. Kessec kills him and establishes the Empire. He eventually gives the stone to Halaylah, a Tehalaian slave (later known as the Collector) who will form an artist’s colony on Atropos which will flourish for only a century. She will be sealed up with the Devil’s Heart.
  • According to Ensign Harry Kim in 2375, around this time his “Uncle” Jack was on a deep space mission to Beta Capricus when stasis was still employed. Jack puts his crew under as soon as they leave orbit and pilots the ship himself for 6 months. When they finally arrive nothing is there—Beta Capricus was just an echo of a distant galaxy. After returning to Earth he brings everyone out of stasis, leaving them wondering why they never left orbit.





  • The last legitimate, two-dimensional photograph of a Vulcan probe ship is taken by Earth, and dismissed as another hoax.
  • Dax the Trill is born this year in a city of two million. Its first host will be Lela, the first woman to serve as a council member, a legislator.
    [DS9-401, DS9-402, DS9-471, DS9-478, DS9-503, DS9-531, DS9 #020]
  • The Elasians launch their earliest nuclear-powered spaceships.
    [TOS #068]
  • Development of an early impulse drive system eliminates the need for cryogenic suspension during interplanetary travel.
    [TOS-24, TOS #079, TNGTM].


  • The DY-500 class explorer enters service. This 36-man craft, developed from the DY-100 series, will be used primarily for travel to and within the asteroid belt. A DY-500 class vessel, the Woden, will enter service decades later.
  • Surveys indicate that the body of baseball enthusiasts is less than half the size it had been two decades earlier.
    [TNG #015]
  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.


  • January: The Vulcan scientist Sardax proves the feasibility of interstellar travel using the base camp approach to long-range exploration. A series of supply/support colonies are later founded within a ten-light-year radius of Vulcan, with succeeding generations of colonists in turn continuing the expansion.
  • April: The Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets is founded, marking the first development of an interplanetary union founded on democratic principles.
  • The first manned mission to Saturn, under the command of Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher. In the future, Earth‘s largest permanent outpost in near-Saturn space on Titan, Christopher’s Landing, will be named in honor of Shaun Christopher.
    [TOS-21, GN-18]
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


  • Over the next 350 years there will be 90 colonization attempts (not necessarily by Earth) in the region of Kepler’s star. Of these, 59 successfuly will reach their intended planets, 14 will not reach their destinations due to accidents or in some cases sabotage, and no record remains of 17. By 2371, only 9 established colonies will remain viable. The Intellivore will be responsible for most of these disappearances.
    [TNG #045]
  • February: The first Tellarite experiments using a form of interstellar ramjet are begun.
  • The inhabitants of Krantin develop nuclear power during this era and deduce that the Plague is composed of radioactive components. The Plague begins to develop in the Kantinese asteroid belt as a form of nebular dust, eventually blocking out the sun.
    [TNG #036]


  • The Bajoran wormhole again undergoes subspace inversion.
  • The last of the Stellar series probes is launched.
  • July: First contact occurs between the Andorian Empire and the remnants of the Vegan Tyranny, a mysterious race of beings whose origins and physical appearance have never been determined. Some scholars suggest that the Vegan Tyranny were cybernetic rather than organic. At this time, they had lost much of their original power and influence, though it is not known how. The war between this race and the Andorians rages off and on for many years. Due to the Andorians, the Vegan Tyranny fails to regain their empire, and they all but disappear after 2090.
  • Henry Garcia moves to San Francisco’s District ‘A’ Sanctuary after getting laid off.
  • October: Jackson Roykirk, designer of the Stellar series, dies.
  • During this period, Sanctuary Districts exist in every major city in the United States: depositories for people without jobs or places to live.


  • Fusion propulsion is given increased research and development funding to speed its feasibility in Terran spaceship use. The first interstellar fusion engines will be fired in a cometary body which will in time become Starbase 1.
    [DS9 #016]
  • Over the period of five years, four baseball teams have gone bankrupt and another eight have changed hands a total of nineteen times.
    [TNG #015]


  • The Irish Reunification occurs on Earth.
  • 30 August: Transported by a malfunctioning transporter from the U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 in 2371, Commander Sisko, Dr. Bashir, and Lieutenant Dax find themselves in San Francisco on Earth. Sisko and Bashir are recruited into District ‘A.’
  • 01-03 September: The Bell Riots occur: one of the most violent civil disturbances in American history. In San Francisco, Sanctuary District ‘A’, hundreds of Sanctuary residents are killed in riots after taking over the district and taking hostages. Gabriel Bell sacrifices his own life to shield the hostages. Outrage over his death will change public opinion about the Sanctuaries, eventually resulting in their abolishment. The U.S. will begin to correct its social problems because of this event—a pivotal moment in history. Commander Sisko and Dr. Bashir indirectly cause the death of Gabriel Bell prior to the riots. To sustain future history, Sisko takes Bell’s place. Chief O’Brien and Major Kira rescue the three missing away team members, and all five return to the 24th Century.
    [DS9-457, DS9-458, DS9-479]


  • August: T’Sarra introduces the Kolinahr mental discipline on Vulcan.


  • Harmon “Buck” Bokai, a shortstop from the London Kings, breaks Joe DiMaggio’s hitting record in the game of baseball.
    [TNG-113, DS9-416]
  • The reign of Teslah, ninth Dohlman in the line of the Sevuth, begins on Elas. She will rule for at least twenty Elasian years.
    [TOS #068]
  • 07 October: The game of baseball in decline, the Phoenix Sunsets play against the Fairbanks Icebreakers. The final score is four to three.
    [TNG #015]


  • 10 February: Kagran’s son, Kadar, succeeds to the Klingon throne as a compromise candidate to quiet conflict between factions in the Imperial Council. Kadar spends much of his reign trying to keep all sides content, resulting in little real exploration and expansion for the next 15 years.
  • 12 August: Astronomers on Alpha Centauri pick up intelligent signals from outside their system. These signals will later be identified as originating from Vulcan.


  • A famous novelist from Orion writes a classic using the theme ‘Let me help.’
  • The inhabitants of the planet Cygnet XIV undergo a political upheaval, resulting in the formal establishment of a dominant matriarchal system by the planet’s females. Through succeeding generations, females are granted educational and other social privileges at the expense of the males. Although this system allows cybernetics and computer technology to grow, the social gap between the sexes also grows.
  • 03 August: First contact is made between the Tellarites and Rigellian traders.


  • Micah Brack, aka Flint the Immortal, begins to waste money on inertial damping research. He will be unsuccessful.
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).
  • September: The Tellarites discover the fabulous weath of the Orion Homeworlds.


  • Zefram Cochrane, the creator of warp drive, is born.
  • Inhabitants of the planet Sauria begin to cultivate local fruits, with the goal of producing high-quality vintages. From these initial efforts will arise a planet-wide industry devoted to the production of the much sought-after wines, brandies, and liqueurs in the galaxy.
  • March: The United Nations commissions the Solar Fleet for security and rescue purposes throughout the inhabited Sol system.
  • 19 October: Ares IV is close to completing its survey mission of Mars when consumed by a graviton ellipse in Mars orbit, leaving two astronauts, Rose Kumagawa and Andrei Novakovich, stranded on the surface for weeks before a rescue vessel arrives. This is Mankind’s first encounter with a spatial anomaly. The Ares IV was a 46 meter, 92 metric ton UESPA vessel powered by a third generation ion drive, and equipped with a transpectral imager.
  • 29 October: Lieutenant John Kelly, mission commander of the Ares IV, dies within the graviton ellipse phenomena. His body will be recovered for burial by Seven of Nine in 2375, along with the ship’s logs.


  • Lily Sloane is born on Earth. After aiding Dr. Zefram Cochrane build the Phoenix in the mid-21st Century, Sloane will receive her engineering doctorate, develop amazing innovations on Cochrane’s basic warp drive design, and found one of the galaxy’s finest educational establishments for those studying warp drive and space travel: the Sloane Institute. The Sloanes will be one of the first families to settle the Alpha Centauri system.
  • (20th Year of the reign of Teslah): The inhabitants of Elas discover their sister world Troyius, a four-year round trip at 0.2c.
    [TOS #068]
  • America gains its 52nd state.


  • Advanced Fusion Prototype One (AFP-1) experimental ship explodes, with all lives lost. This is a major setback for Terran interstellar travel capability. The destruction of the prototype is claimed by Colonel Edward Featherstone Green, a former United Nations Armed Forces officer, after gaining control of the Lunar military defense base. This act of sabotage begins what is later referred to as Colonel Green’s War: a revolt against the Terran government to force its leaders to discontinue space exploration, backing the last of the Eugenics scientists. A U.N. task force eventually succeeds in recapturing Luna Base but not before Green mangages to launch several nuclear missiles, incinerating two major metropolitan centers with millions of casualties. Escaping capture after the fall of Luna Base, Green returns to Terra where he and his supporters conduct numerous terrorist activities. After concerted efforts yielding over a million casualties, Colonel Green’s supporters are hunted down and killed in a missile barrage on their island fortress near Singapore. Though the war lasts less than one year, several widespread incidents of industrial sabotage and urban terrorism show the enormous potential of such groups. This includes his taking advantage of Hanson Smith’s surprise development of the particle curtain ten years earlier than thought possible by the scientific community. Earth is nearly pushed back into a Second Dark Ages. A generation later, Green’s Pursuit of Perfection will again materialize in the form of the Optimum Movement led by Colonel Adrik Thorsen. In later years, Colonel Green will come to be revered by supporters of the Back-to-Earth movement, and the leaders of the Terra-Return League will make him a representative of their cause.
    [FASA, TOS-77, GN-18, GN-07]
  • Soljenov escapes Earth aboard an experimental long-jump sleeper ship. Centuries later he will conquer the Zarans, form the Totality, and have a daughter, Sola Thane.
    [TOS #009]


  • May: Terran space-time researchers find holes in the general theory of relativity, making faster-than-light communications and travel theoretically possible, though not yet an actuality. The interstellar probe Drake detects geon holes in the space-time fabric for the first time. These deformations are used decades later for warp communications. The Drake probe was one of 15 launched from Earth‘s moon in the early 2030s. The series had a four-fold increase in effective range and a tenfold improvement in data gathering and analyzing capability over the earlier Stellar series, employing significantly increased artificial intelligence enabling them to make much more complex decisions on their own sending back whatever pictures and data they deemed important.
  • A few days after Zefram Cochrane‘s 11th birthday, the boy plays with soap bubbles outside London. This triggers his imagination and allows Cochrane to envision a different kind of bubble which will lead towards the theory of warp bubble generation.
  • Hover cars come into use on Earth during this era.


  • 23 July: The NASA starship Charybdis, commanded by Colonel Steven G. Richey, departs the Sol system. Utilizing Block II gas-core fission reaction propulsion and a crew of 15, this is the third manned interstellar ship to depart Earth‘s solar system. The mission objectives: survey of the deep extrasolar environment to the distance of 100 AU, study of the interaction of the solar magnetic field at heliopause, long-duration crew habitation, and a USAF electric-fields experiment module adaptability study (Interagency Co-op Program). The ship’s telemetry will fail and it will never be heard from again.


  • The Stephen Hawking, commanded by Captain Leander Cortes, departs Earth for deep space. Quite a sophisticated vessel for its time, the Hawking is a combination of an old retrofitted military ship, the Aleksandr Lebed, and a civilian craft, the Victoria, and is equipped with a quantum gravitational-impulse power drive that draws energy from the vacuum flux. A sublight vessel subject to time-dilation, only 30 years will pass for the crew while two centuries of real time will pass before contact will be established by the Enterprise in the 2260s. Regardless, the ship’s ecosystems will develop problems of infestation and disease, killing 25 crewmen. One surviving crewman, Dmitri Sergeievich Glakov, is one of Pavel Chekov‘s ancestors. The Hawking‘s destination is a world that will be destroyed by the planet-killer in the 2260s. Their original plan will be to bring forth children from the ship’s protected genetic material but the vessel will run into a flux dead spot in the vacuum, cutting out the drive.
    [TOS #088]
  • 07 February: The Charybdis is classified as lost with consumables runout, though a 20% possibility exists for the crew survival using hibernation systems at low usage mode. The vessel’s telemetry report at cutoff indicates a thrust abnormality: the vehicle having attained 12 times the solar escape velocity 2.56 hours earlier than planned. A followup mission aboard the Jacob results in a negative track.
  • The mysterious loss of the Charybdis brings an end to the first attempted wave of Human extrasolar space exploration after a series of failures. As political tensions worsen, funding for purely scientific endeavours becomes less popular and harder to attain. A conspiracy theory is put forward that Khan Noonien Singh and his followers are prowling the outer solar system blowing up space probes, keeping their genetically inferior conquerors planetbound.
  • U.N. Resolution 51 determines that no Earth citizens can be made to answer for the crimes of their race or forbears and confirms the Human status of certain Human-variant strains created in the gene research laboratories responsible for the Eugenics supermen. This is known as the ‘Khan’s Stepchildren’ resolution.
    [TNG-101, TNG-102, TOS #066]


  • January: Earth‘s first Pluto Base opens. It will serve as a navigational check-point for out-system missions.
  • The starliner Enterprise makes Earth‘s first successful interstellar expedition of the Alpha Centauri system. In the 2050s, 7 or more of these 120 meter long, 35 crew starliners will be launched at various target stars within 15 light years of Sol. Only this Enterprise reaches its destination. With the advent of warp drive, these early interstellar probe ships will be phased out.



  • Harmon “Buck” Bokai of the London Kings hits a winning home run in the final World Series baseball game, attended by only 300 spectators at Battersea Stadium in London.
    [DS9-416, GN-18]
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).
  • This is also the era during which Spiderweb is most likely developed.
    [TOS #002]
  • November: Within the Klingon Empire, growing dissatisfaction among the military finally forces the D’kariv line from the halls of power. General Milvi epetai-Javvic of the Imperial Marines takes the throne, the only non-naval officer ever to hold that office. He begins exploration funding again, but the Imperial Navy opposes him at almost every turn. To regain control over the entire military, Milvi agrees to let his oldest son be trained as an officer of the Imperial Navy, thus assuring that the next emperor will again be a naval officer.


  • The bloody Mind Control Revolts start on Earth.
    [TOS #001]
  • Sometime in the 21st Century, the fad of surgically implanted cranial plugs springs up. The plugs, connected to electrodes in their brains, allows people to experience unlimited ecstasy. Called wireheads (the ultimate junkies), the operation will be outlawed.
    [TOS #080]


  • The Charybdis is contaminated by an alien life form. Colonel Richey, the last survivor, finds himself within a simulacrum created from the novel ‘Hotel Royale,’ on the planet Theta VIII.
  • Zefram Cochrane receives his first implant to inhibit a severe bipolar disorder condition.


  • January: The United Nations Organization celebrates 100 years of cooperation among the peoples of Terra. People throughout the Sol system take part.
  • The Andorian Empire is at its height, with 13 colonized worlds outside the Andorian home system.


  • The Mind Control Revolts end on Earth.
    [TOS #001]
  • The Hermosa Quake hits Southern California, sinking the entire Los Angeles area. The region is transformed into a great coral reef, home to thousands of different marine species by the 24th Cenutury.


  • The S.S. Icarus makes contact with the inhabitants of Alpha Centauri VII. This is Earth‘s first official extraterrestrial contact. The Centaurians are quite humanoid, descendants of Greeks transported from Earth in the 3rd Century. This event forever changes Humankind.
    [STM, SFTM, WotF]
  • Alpha Centauri IV and V are Class M worlds and will be colonized by Earth within the next few decades by sublight ships. Alpha Centauri IV will become known as Centaurus or Athens and John Houston Gregory will be the first Terran to land on it.
    [STM, TOS #028]
  • December: Zefram Cochrane formulates the initial warp drive calculations that will make faster-than-light travel possible and, eventually, practical.


  • Dilithium is discovered on Jupiter‘s fifth moon. The major properties of this crystalline element will not be known by Earth for the next two centuries. A transperiodic/transuranic element existing on two periodic tables of elements, like difluorine, possessing fourth-dimensional properties, it has the ability to transtate and focus energy. In nature it is formed only in the violent explosion of a supernova.
    [DS9 #016, TOS #036]
  • The Kzinti, a race of felinoid warriors, invade the Sol system.
  • In the Beta Bora system, intolerance forces the Heir’och to abandon the Heir’tzan homeworld and colonize the neighboring planet named in honor of their race. Despite a new world, the two races will again engage in warfare over economic, cultural, and religious reasons which will lead to on and off interplanetary warfare lasting a century.
    [TOS #085]


  • Zefram Cochrane enrolls in MIT where he will experiment with accelerators, accelerating electrons to twice the speed of light. After three years, Cochrane will leave with no degree and begin research at Kashishowa Station.
  • A photograph is taken of Shannon O’Donnell Janeway in a small park near Portage Creek 38 years after the dedication of the Millennium Gate. Neelix will present a framed copy of the photo to Captain Janeway on Ancestor’s Eve in 2375.
  • The famous Knossus archeological dig on Earth yields accounts of Drantos, a popular Cretan monarch of the middle Bronze Age.
    [TNG #020]
  • Earth is depleted of its natural petroleum deposits.
    [TOS #028]
  • An American and Russian private venture results in the launch of a sublight sleeper ship launched towards Betelgeuse. They will be caught in a wormhole effect, transported far off course, and crash on Henson’s World.
    [TNG #057]
  • November: The Fourteen Clans of Cait are united under one government for the first time in their history, setting the stage for Caitian civilization as it is known today.


  • Magruder Mansion is abandoned. Built in southern Ohio in the early 21st Century by a wealthy amateur historian who wanted an authentic Irish castle for his wife, Mary Joanna Duggan, the castle will remain unoccupied for centuries.


  • April: Cochrane‘s Warp Drive Principle causes a sensation, and an intensive warp drive development program is immediately set up.
  • On Trill, resolutions are passed to forbid contact with any new species. Only the Vulcans are exempt.
  • The Danteri Empire conquers the planet Xenex, which it will rule for over 300 years.
    [NF #01]


  • March: Alpha Centaurian biosocialist Zancmar Hodgkins pulishes his Law of Parallel Development, stating that similar planets develop similar life forms with similar cultures. After careful study and approval by the Alpha Centauri Academy of Biosciences, it is transmitted to Earth, where it it received 52 months later.
    [FASA, TOS-43]
  • 01 May: Nuclear war breaks out on Earth, devastating the population and the planet’s ecology. The ECON (Eastern Coalition) is one of the warring bodies. Over 600 million will die. The Post-Atomic Horror is born and Earth will endure a brief nuclear winter. Lily Sloane is in her third year at a university, majoring in Engineering when the war starts. Washington D.C. and the three surrounding states are blasted off the map. She will head for Montana, one of the few “clean” places remaining in the United States. Long-forgotten diseases will re-emerge during the next decade, including cancer, typhoid, and rabies. This tragedy will be known as World War III.
    [ST-08, TLE-2298]
  • For two months following the outbreak of World War III, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas serves as the operational command center for Colonel Amber’s Regimental Volunteers. It is the site of the final battle of the Siege of Las Vegas.
    [GN-38: “Second Star to the Right…”]
  • In the aftermath of the war, Micah Brack (aka Flint the Immortal), one of the ten wealthiest tycoons in the solar system, continues the financing of Zefram Cochrane‘s warp research. Brack, of Brack Interplanetary, who is also responsible for the Christopher’s Landing colony dome on Titan, will also pay more than 300 million Euros for the construction of Earth‘s first warp-driven starship, the Bonaventure.
  • Cochrane’s Factor, the curvature of space-time by the presence of mass in subspace, is discovered.
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


  • September: The Icarus returns from its historic journey.
  • The second Kzinti invasion of Sol occurs at about this time.


  • Zefram Cochrane begins worrying about his bipolar disorder inhibiting implant wearing down.
  • Construction begins on the Bekeem colony ship, initiated by the third Supreme Primary Lans.
    [TNG #014]
  • The Devernians colonize Aronnia via Titans.
    [CT #6]


  • The third Kzinti invasion of Sol occurs at about this time.
  • July: Kamtav epetai-Javvic succeeds his father on the Imperial throne, and carries on with the exploratory efforts. The Klingon military backs the new Emperor, and so conquest begins anew.
  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.


  • Professional baseball succumbs to mounting losses. Only eight franchises remain of the thirty-two that had populated the American and National Leagues at the peak of their prosperity.
    [TNG #015]
  • Milayn, Lela Dax‘s daughter, is born.
    [DS9 #020]


  • Lavinius V is attacked by the flying parasites. All the inhabitants are used for slave labor and killed.
  • In the R-and-D section of a chain of simulator theaters, the inertial damping breakthrough is made. This development allows the solar system to be crossed in hours via impulse drives operating at multi-g accelerations.


  • January: The Fundamental Declaration of the Martian Colonies establishes independent government for all Terran colonies. It is used as a precedent-setting document for worlds wanting to declare governmental autonomy. It gives form to Humankind‘s first government independent of Terran control.
    [TOS-14, CT #4, FASA]
  • 04 February: Chandley Works, Ltd. is founded in Caravalla, Mars by Rear Admiral Thomas Chandley before the UFP‘s formation, the company will be a major supplier and producer of efficient combat vessel designs.
  • John Burke, the Chief Astronomer at the Royal Academy of Great Britain, maps the UFC 24187 (Sherman’s Planet) region.
    [TOS-42, STM]
  • The “Great Awakening” occurs on Argelius II.
  • A major earthquake strikes Old-town San Francisco, Earth. It will take 20 years to rebuild the city.
    [GN-05, TOS #054]
  • Sergei is born.
  • Lily Sloane hides a gun from Dr. Zefram Cochrane during one of his depressions. Almost a year later she will empty it into Lieutenant Commander Data of the Enterprise.


  • 04-05 April: From 2373, a Borg timeship sphere arrives and attempts to alter future Earth history by destroying Zefram Cochrane‘s warp vessel, the Phoenix, in central Montana. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E intercepts the Borg vessel and destroys it, but not before Borg drones beam over to the Enterprise‘s lower decks. An away team beams down to ensure Cochrane’s launch of the Phoenix, built from an old nuclear missile. Meanwhile the Borg begin to assimilate the Enterprise, converting over the lower levels into a hive and crew members into Borg drones. Lieutenant Commander Data is captured by the Borg Queen, who attempts to seduce the android into releasing the ship’s computer encryption codes. She and her drones are destroyed before completion of an emergency auto-destruct sequence. Commanders Riker and La Forge ride with Cochrane aboard the Phoenix‘s historic launch and witness a Vulcan survey vessel’s detection of the craft’s warp signature, their subsequent landing on Earth, and first contact. The Enterprise departs the 21st Century for the 24th. By the 24th Century a statue of Zefram Cochrane will stand by the Phoenix‘s launch site, and the Phoenix herself will be on display in the Smithsonian. The causality loop presented is a prime example of the Pogo Paradox.
    [ST-08, VOY-218]
  • Ensign Kim in 2374 will use the Phoenix and this incident in a trivia question aimed at Lieutenant Torres. Seven of Nine will know the answer, her memories from the Borg Collective still intact.
  • Dulmer and Lucsly from 2373 conduct a PVR (post-temporal violation reconaissance) of the Phoenix launch site.
    [SNW-02: “Almost… But Not Quite”]
  • A Romulan underground group is formed. Their purpose is to force the Romulan government to peacefully co-exist with other interstellar neighbors.
    [TOS #027]


  • The Skorr are a civilization of great warriors, vast armies, and military technology. The religious leader Alar will be the salvation and teacher of the Skorr, putting an end to their warlike ways. Upon Alar’s death, the Skorr will make him immortal by recording his brain patterns in a piece of indurite sculpture: the “Soul of the Skorr.”
  • July: The Franklin series warp-driven message probes become operational. These small, unmanned probes have rudimentary astrogational equipment, and are capable of carrying a cargo of up to 0.1 metric tons in addition to several hundred recorded messages. These probes are later refitted with modern warp drives and used for the next three decades. A total of 380 are built.
  • The Kzinti make one more attack on the Sol system. The Kzinti are once and for all defeated by Earth forces, who now possess warp capability. Their Patriarchy is stripped down to a handful of planets by the Treaty of Sirius and they are confined to a spherical volume of space 50 light years in diameter.
    [TAS-11, STM]
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).
  • Intensive archeological study of the Meztorien civilization begins.
    [TOS #065]


  • The Keep Earth Human League (KEHL) of xenophobics is founded during this era on Earth. It’s unclear if they are related to the similar Terra Prime movement.
    [GN-16, ENT-96, ENT-97]
  • The fourth-dimensional (second-level) nature of dilithium crystals is discovered. On Earth, a mad dilithium rush occurs when it is discovered that dilithium crystals have a dozen different three-dimensional physical configurations which can make them resemble common crystals. Many Earth museums become incredibly well-funded overnight simply by tearing apart their geology exhibits to find dilithium crystals which had been misidentified as quartz for generations. It will be some time until the crystals are used to their full potential in warp drives.
    [GN-07, TOS #068]
  • The Djanai settle their neighboring planet Inar—which later becomes uninhabitable via nuclear catastrophe, forcing them to reclaim Djana.
  • The Rey begin space exploration in the hope of contacting other intelligent life forms.
    [TOS #067]


  • The Ba’ku colonize an idyllic world subjected to regenerative metaphasic radiation. Their aging process is significantly slowed, making their people virtually immortal. The Ba’ku will reject technology and return to a simpler way of life.
  • The Mizarians are conquered. In the next 300 years they will be conquered five more times.


  • Earth‘s warp probe Friendship 1 is launched. In three centuries it will have reached the Delta Quadrant and had an apocalyptic impact on an alien society.
  • The “Great Exodus” begins when the Totality is banished from the planet Alaj. They colonize the neighboring world Etolos.
    [TNG #014]
  • The Bijani end their nomadic existence by settling on Bijan II and over the next three centuries they will transform this world into a near replica of their original homeworld. The Bijani Republic will be founded.
  • A sublight nuclear waste ship is discarded by an unknown world. In three centuries it will reach Gamelan V.
  • The Saren contact the warring, pre-spaceflight planet Vemla. A trading agreement is established, providing the Vemlans with advanced technology, positronic microprocessors in particular.
    [TNG #020]
  • The Earth ship Dorren (assuming it actually existed) will also be lost during this era. Captain Victor (Tucker) will be a 10th generation descendant inhabitant of the Mist in 2373.
    [CT #3]


  • July: A delegation of Vulcan diplomats and scientists arrive on Earth to begin discussions of a formal alliance between Earth, Alpha Centauri, and Vulcan.
  • The last case of mind-rape is encountered and treated among the Ullians—until the 24th Century.


  • Ralph Seron makes the first advances on toroidal space-time distortion.
  • The last emperor rules the Klingon Empire. Afterwards the Empire will be ruled by a High Council (though sometimes incorrectly referred to as being ruled by an emperor by non-Klingons).


  • The Tau Ceti system is explored. Contact is made with the Kaferians, an insectoid race from Tau Ceti III (Kaferia), and trade relations are quickly established with Earth. Tau Ceti IV (Amber) will become the second Terran colony (with Sirius IX being the first, and not counting Centaurus IV).
  • Dax claims this was the last era s/he saw an old-style, non-antigrav wheelchair.
  • A brewery, founded on Pai in the Dragon Empire this era, will be briefly won by Commander Riker in 2370.
    [TNG #038]
  • June: The first fusion-driven Space Ark is launched, manned by people dissatisfied with sociopolitical and ecological conditions within the Sol system.
  • After three Optimum assassination attempts against him, Micah Brack, aka Flint the Immortal, intentionally disappears, leaving the bulk of his fortune to the Cochrane Foundation for the Study of Multiphysics. Rumors will place him on Mars (helping to draft the Fundamental Declaration of the Martian Colonies), on Altair IV (excavating the ruins of an alien civilization: the Krell) and on Earth (leading any one of a number of resistance cells in regions ruled by the Optimum).
    [GN-18, STM]
  • Tolian Soran, an El-Aurian “listener,” is born during this era, if not earlier.
  • T’Sara is born during this era.
  • A bottle of Vulcan Puert (eventually to come into Quark‘s possession by 2370) is of this era’s vintage, or so Quark will claim.
  • During this era on Krantin, the region near Jalkor is referred to only as ‘farmland’ even though it will become the richest mines on the planet in the next century.
    [TNG #036]


  • One of Frances Pickup’s ancestors wins big in a casino during this era.
    [TNG #045]
  • The S.S. Valiant galactic survey cruiser disappears near the edge of the galaxy. The ship’s loss will be explained in nearly two centuries when the starship Enterprise recovers the ship’s recorder-marker. The Energy Barrier at the rim of the galaxy influenced one member of the Valiant‘s crew, forcing the captain to destroy the ship.
    [TOS-01, STM]
  • At least in Track ‘A,’ the Valiant‘s unfortunate crew member was taken over by the disoriented Q, trapped within the Barrier’s energy field and suffering from amnesia.
  • April: An economic alliance is declared between Vulcan, Earth and Alpha Centauri, and the first interstellar trade missions begin. Commercial space lanes with convenient transfer points are set up to encourage trade.
  • In the Gamma Quadrant, the planet Meridian dimensionally shifts back into normal space for a brief period of time.
  • According to Commander Sisko in 2371, the last baseball game is played during this era.
  • During this era in the Delta Quadrant, an unnamed Hachai world is blasted into an asteroid field and stripped of metals for warship hulls for the Huchai-P’nir War. In 2371, Captain Janeway will explore an asteroid base with an away team shortly before joining the continuing war.
    [VOY #03]
  • Also in the Delta Quadrant at this time, Veruna IV’s star is “murdered” by the Sun-Eater’s halted contraction caused by the Akerians’ graviton beam link siphoning off the sun’s energy. This guarantees the Akerians’ access to the planet Blessing located within the concavity, but at the expense of the planet Veruna IV. Telarac, first warrior of the Empirical Exploratory Unit (under Emperor Iphus) oversees the event and records it for posterity.
    [VOY #06]
  • This is likely the period when the newly-joined legislator Lela Dax is tried on charges of treason and found not guilty. She violated the resolution of not contacting aliens when an L’Dira vessel takes up orbit over Trill. T’Pau of Vulcan pays them a visit. The council issues a formal reprimand that will remain on Dax’s record throughout all of the symbiont’s lifetimes.
    [GN-38: “First Steps”]
  • Dax makes the acquaintance of Professor Sterchak of Vulcan when he visits the Trill homeworld. Sterchak’s principle states that any complex phenomenon which occurs only once indicates a high probability of sentient life.
    [DS9 #016]
  • Lela Dax is invited to Andevian II to spend a year teaching. She takes her family and husband Nareeya along (as the Trill race still lacks warp drive during this era). A plague strikes the world, killing hundreds of thousands before a treatment is found using herbs and minerals. Among the first to die is Milayn, Lela Dax‘s 12 year old daughter. Shortly after a cure is obtained an upheaval in the Andevian government blames Lela for bringing the plague to Andevian II, and she and her surviving family members are sent home. The planet is closed to all outsiders.
    [DS9 #020]


  • The Terrans have the last of their encounters with the Vegans.
  • The Bajoran wormhole again undergoes subspace inversion.
  • In the Delta Quadrant, Suspiria‘s array is constructed. A population of Ocampa are transported there. Their psychokinetic abilities and life spans will be enhanced, and by 2372 their population will reach 2,000.
  • February: The Orion colonial governments make first contact with the Klingon Empire in the Phillo’tok system. They cleverly conceal the real value of their location in space and their mineral wealth, however, avoiding Klingon domination by convincing the Empire that the Orions have more to offer as independent allies. After a minor show of force, the Council assigns a figurehead Klingon governor to the Orion Colonies; he never actually attempts to exercise control, and his position is mostly that of a trade liaison. The average Orion is totally unaware that the colonies are ‘officially’ a Klingon protectorate. They do recognize a rich new market when they see one, and so start to trade with the Klingons. Meanwhile, the controlling Orion trade families remain watchful to assure that the Empire does not become too interested in Rigel’s wealth.
  • June: As a result of meetings with Vulcans and Alpha Centaurians, a detailed study is published on Earth strongly recommending a formal interstellar alliance between the three worlds.
  • The philosopher Q, Quinn, is imprisoned in a comet adrift in the Delta Quadrant by the Q Continuum for his death wish. He will be freed by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 in three centuries.
  • October: The tenth, and last, Space Ark is launched, complete with early transporter technology. Of all ten generation ships, only the passengers of this last ship will survive.
    [FASA, TAS-15]
  • Interstat code becomes outdated around this era.


  • January: Commerical spacelanes are established between Vulcan, Earth, and Alpha Centauri.
  • Warp 1 is coined for the speed of light.
  • Zefram Cochrane is quoted for saying “Don’t try to be a great man, just be a man, and let history make its own judgements.”
  • Hera (492 Lyncis III) is colonized by unmodified Humans who believe in eugenics (before leaving Earth they were all carefully screened for genetic damage). The first colonists only number 2,000.
    [TNG #042]
  • In the Delta Quadrant, a Trevin ship crashes on Draanis IV.
    [SNW #1: “Fiction”]
  • December: Chancellor Karvan of the Klingon Empire orders the destruction of the Jaak, a semi-reptilian servitor race of telepaths, because he finds them too untrustworthy. A power struggle results, with Karvan caught in the middle. Finally, the Chancellor is slain in single combat by General Kagga, a respected military leader holding commissions in both the ground forces and the Imperial Navy. Kagga’s prestige gains him the throne—for exactly one hour after which he is executed for treason. There will be five weak Chancellors chosen and removed in the next 25 years, and many of the recently resumed colonization efforts again fall idle.


  • Sluggo Cola becomes famous with its slogan in the Ferengi Alliance. The beverage might have been first introduced during this era.
  • 17 April: The first successful test of warp radio between Pluto and Earth makes interstellar communication practical for the first time, allowing communication in weeks instead of years between nearby star systems. Transmissions are at 64 times the speed of light. Inauguration ceremonies are held at the Farpluto Transmitting Platform (Bela Abruzzi, United Nations Representative), Outer Eridani Transmitting Platform (T’Pau, Vulcan Academy of Sciences Representative), and the Centauri Transmitting Platform (Zormer Ganderane, Alpha Centauri Representative).
  • Molly O’Brien arrives from 2374 on the planet Golana. In one timeline she will be shortly urged to return through the portal by her 18 year old self. In another timeline she remains abandoned for a decade before being retrieved by Chief O’Brien.
  • A war of independence is fought on the planet Om in the Delta Quadrant.
    [CT #4]
  • During this period, the Pinnaar Domain settles a colony on Kentarr V.


  • The Optimum Movement triumphs in the elections on Earth. The Royal Family goes into hiding as the Optimal Republic of Great Britain is established. In the United States, the Constitution is suspended.
  • In the Delta Quadrant, the Moneans discover and colonize their ocean world.
  • Synthococcus Novae, a bacillus strain, is created by accident on Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III).
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).


  • The Optimum Movement’s Emergency Measures Act goes into effect.
  • October: The Klingons withdraw their figurehead governor from the Orion worlds, beginning a period of benign neglect. Conflict has heated up between the Romulans and Klingons along their common border (though no war is actually declared), leaving the Empire no time for an area it perceives as only marginally useful. Klingon trading vessels become rare in Orion space, with the Orions using their own vessels to conduct most of the trade in war materials with the Klingons. The Orions claimed that this would free Klingon vessels from war efforts. Their real reason for suggesting the policy is to rid their space of the Klingon presence in order to build their own military more effectively without tipping the Empire to their actual strength.


  • May: Harmon Axelrod, first Secretary General of the Federation Council, is born.
  • 21 June: Zefram Cochrane finally returns to the Sol system, attending a scientific conference on the Moon where he meets Monica Burke (granddaughter of John Burke), who will be his future wife. Cochrane then briefly travels to London (the Optimal Republic of Great Britain) where he becomes involved with a resistance movement at Battersea Stadium, escaping from (and disfiguring) Colonel Adrik Thorsen. Cochrane and the Burkes flee to the Moon and eventually return to Centauri B II. As of this date there are 33 self-sufficient Human colonies on 10 extrasolar Class M worlds. When Thorsen reaches age 80 he will make use of Grigari nanotechnology to extend his life span.
  • Colonists depart Earth aboard a warp driven sleeper ship. They will settle the water world Okeanos (Eris V), and form a genetically engineered society credited to Khan Noonien Singh.
    [TOS #066]


  • The Post-Atomic Horror reaches its peak on Earth.
    [TNG #000]
  • The Wanderer, the first L5 Earth structure, departs Sol system. Essentially a sublight generation ship with fusion drive, contact will be lost and the vessel assumed to be destroyed.
    [ON #15]


  • October: The first joint scientific project between Earth, Alpha Centauri, and Vulcan shows tangible benefits when the first of a new series of “Milky Way” research probes are launched from these three worlds.


  • April: A series of meetings takes place on Vulcan, attended by delegates of the major spacefaring governments. This attempt to establish a single, unifying government fails to receive popular support because its primary goals and policies are not adequately defined. Diplomats agree to work on defining the roles and responsibilities of the new government.
  • June: The last of the “Milky Way” research probes are launched.
  • Colonel Steven Richey dies on Theta VIII in the alien “Hotel Royale” simulacrum, the last of the Charybdis.


  • The Ceres expedition is lost. They are later believed to have founded the Ten Tribes of Capella IV.
    [STM, TOS-32, WotF]
  • Note that another possibly lost ship, crewed by Alpha Centaurians, may have colonized Zeta Bootis III (Neural) during this time period.
    [TOS-45, WotF].


  • A feud starts between the Lornak and Tralesta clans on Acamar III.
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).



  • The S.S. Hernan de Soto charts the water world Okeanos (Eris V) while making a side-trip to do a close-range study of a pulsar 25 light years distant, during the First General Survey. The primary is officially named Joan-Marie’s Star, after the ship’s navigator.
    [TOS #066]
  • Montcalm Daystrom is born on Centauri B II. He will grow up to be Zefram Cochrane‘s personal assistant.



  • Rudimentary subspace technology is developed during this era.


  • The groundwork for the United Federation of Planets is laid out in San Francisco on Earth. The Second History alternate timeline begins when Romulan androids from 2269 assassinate Dr. Palmer and his two associates. As a result, the prospace exploration faction loses much of its status. After several years Earth begins to exhaust its natural resources and its nations begin fighting among themselves until the environment is almost totally destroyed.
    [TOS #024]
  • On Vemla, the first androids are constructed, designed as military hardware.
    [TNG #020]
  • On Omega IV it is the Year of the Red Bird (plus or minus 5 years).
  • The Nexus temporal energy ribbon again passes through our galaxy.