Starbase 47

Starbase 47 (VAN #1)
Starbase 47 (VAN #1)

Watchtower class Federation starbase located inside the Taurus Reach. Starbase 47, aka Vanguard Station, served as the base of operations for Starfleet vessels in the sector and as an anchor for Federation research and colonization efforts on nearby worlds, including Ravanar IV and Kessik IV. In 2265, Starbase 47 was commanded by Commodore Diego Reyes. The station’s larger, classified mission was to spearhead an investigation of the Taurus Reach. As tension gripped the Federation’s political relations with the Klingon Empire and the Tholian Assembly, Starbase 47 stood poised, knowing it could have become a flashpoint in an interstellar conflict.[1]


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