Taurus Reach

Starbase 47 (VAN #1)
Starbase 47 (VAN #1)

A largely unexplored region of space, situated between the borders of Federation, Klingon, and Tholian territory;[1] the region was known as the Gonmog Sector to the Klingons,[2] and as the Shedai sector to the Tholians.[1] In 2265, the U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017, commanded by Commodore Matt Decker, discovered the remnants of an ancient, incredibly powerful civilization, the Shedai, with links to one of the Federation’s most mysterious adversaries, the Tholians, as well as the Taurus meta-genome, a complex strand of deliberately engineered DNA that seemed to hold the key to genetic manipulation and perhaps even artificial world-building on a scale never before imagined. The scientific and martial potential of unlocking this knowledge quickly became obvious, and Starfleet launched a mammoth exploration and research effort into the region. As the investigation continued, Starfleet scientists uncovered an enigmatic energy waveform in the Jinoteur system, which was believed to be the homeworld of the long-dead Shedai. This waveform, working in concert with the meta-genome, was considered to be the key to unlocking all of the Taurus Reach’s many secrets.[1]


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