K’t’inga class

K't'inga class (ST-06)
K’t’inga class (ST-06)

K't'inga class (ST-01)
K’t’inga class (ST-01)

K't'inga class command pod (ST-01)
K’t’inga class command pod (ST-01)

The K’t’inga class,[2] which meant “bringer of destruction,” was introduced in mid-2269 and was a match for the Federation Constitution class and Romulan S’ten Vastam (V-6) class cruisers. This gave the Klingon Defense Force a slight advantage along its borders, and the Klingon Empire began to press the balance more aggressively. Both the Romulan Navy and Starfleet commissioned upgraded versions of their vessels shortly after the appearance of the K’t’inga class in order to hold the Klingons in check. Within two years after its introduction, 75% of all facilities producing the D-7 had been converted to manufacture the K’t’inga, allowing the Klingons to place more and more of these ships in sensitive areas.[3]

The K’t’inga redesign built on the sucesses of the D-7, and allowed the Klingons to maintain parity with Federation starships of the late 23rd century.[13] Several vessels of this type gained a level of fame equal to that of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, most notably the I.K.S. Bardur. The Bardur was known to have destroyed more than 20 Romulan vessels, 10 Starfleet vessels, and participated in skirmishes that accounted for the loss of more than 40 enemy ships. The captain of the Bardur was promoted to admiral and, like James T. Kirk, retained command of his vessel.[3] The K’t’inga class remained in service throughout the next century as a front-line combat spacecraft.[13] Three of these cruisers, including the I.K.S. Amar, stood their ground against the V’ger space probe, but were no match for its overwhelming power.[1] Another K’t’inga class ship served as the flagship for Chancellor Gorkon.[7] They raided Federation territory in 2362, fought the Battle of Klach D’Kel Bracht, and defended Khitomer and Narendra III against Romulan attack. By the Klingon Civil War, however, the class took a back seat to smaller, faster ships like the B’rel class and larger, more powerful ships like the Vor’cha class.[6] Yet they played an extensive role in the Dominion War, participating in the Battle of Chin’toka III[11] and the assault on Deep Space 9.[10] No longer in production, the K’t’inga class was eventually replaced by the larger Vor’cha class attack cruiser, though they remained in reserve service.[13]

Ships of the class

Name Registry
I.K.S. Amar[1] IKC-7736[13]
I.K.S. B’Moth[9] IKC-7739[13]
I.K.S. Bardur[3] Unk.
I.K.S. HaH’vat[9] IKC-7001[13]
I.K.S. Korvat[13] IKC-5502
I.K.S. Qo’noS Wa’ (Kronos One)[7] IKC-7748[13]
I.K.S. T’Acog[4] IKC-7750[13]
I.K.S. T’Ong[5] IKC-7713[13]


Length 350 meters[13]
Width 252 meters[13]
Height 98 meters[13]
Mass 760,000 metric tons[12]
Decks 20[13]
Crew 347[13]
Troops 220[3]
Shuttlecraft 5[3]-6[13]
Cruising Speed Warp 8[3, 13]
Emergency Speed Warp 9[3]
Weapons 6[12] KD-8 disruptors;[3] 2 torpedo launchers[1]


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