Constitution Class

Original Configuration

Constitution class (TOS-10)
Constitution class (TOS-10)

Constitution class MSD (ENT-95)
Constitution class MSD (ENT-95)

Length 289 meters
Width 127 meters
Height 73 meters
Decks 23
Mass Mk. I: 162,425 metric tons
Mk. II: 164,400 metric tons
Mk. III: 167,900 metric tons
Crew Complement 430
Evacuation Limit 320
First Commissioned 2245
Weapons 6 Type-V phaser banks, 2 torpedo launchers, photon torpedoes
Defenses Deflector shields
Cruising Speed Warp 6
Maximum Cruise Speed Warp 7
Maximum Rated Speed Warp 8 for 12 hours

Refit Configuration

Constitution class refit (ST-02)
Constitution class refit (ST-02)

Length 305 meters
Width 131 meters
Height 74 meters
Crew Complement 416
Evacuation Limit 240
First Commissioned 2273
Weapons 12 Type-VI phasers in 6 banks; 3 torpedo launchers, photon torpedoes
Defenses Deflector shields
Cruising Speed Warp 6
Maximum Cruise Speed Warp 8
Maximum Rated Speed Warp 10 for 12 hours

The Constitution class cruisers are among the most renowned vessels of their time. Serving as both a research vessel and a cruiser, these ships performed their duties to perfection for the majority of the 23rd century. The Constitution class ships were an integral part of the buildup during “The Great Awakening,” from the outset the most versatile of all ships built for the expansion efforts. class starships included the acclaimed U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.[1] During the time of Captain James T. Kirk’s celebrated first five-year mission of exploration, only twelve of these ships were in existence.[2] Constitution class starships used duotronic computers, based on designs developed by Dr. Richard Daystrom in 2243.[8]

Deck Configuration

Deck 1: Bridge
As on nearly all Starfleet vessels, the systems of the Constitution class, from the environmental controls to the weapons systems, are coordinated from the bridge, which is located at the highest point of the ship. The bridge on Constitution class vessels follows the same basic layout that has been in use for more than two centuries. The bridge is a large, round chamber, and the main duty stations are in the middle. Prior to 2269, Deck 1 was served by a single turbolift shaft which opened directly onto the bridge behind the science station. A standby turbocar could also be accessed from Deck 2. The area behind the walls of the bridge contained spacesuit lockers, a weapons locker, and a ladder to Deck 2. In 2269, a new bridge module design was implemented; virtually identical to the original bridge, it featured a second turbolift adjacent to the viewscreen. The refit configuration bridges all continued to feature two turbolifts at the rear of the bridge, and shared largely identical layouts, though panel interface details continued to evolve.

Deck 2
Science labs

Deck 3
Science labs
Life support

Deck 4
Crew quarters

Deck 5
Crew quarters
Officers’ quarters
Captain’s quarters

Deck 6
Crew quarters

Deck 7
Transporter room
Briefing room
Computer core control room (original configuration only)
Impulse engines

Deck 8
Food preparation
Recreation deck
Ship’s laundry
Life support

Deck 9
Cargo bays

Deck 10
Cargo bays

Deck 11
Phaser controls

Deck 12
Inertial damping system (original configuration only)
Observation deck (original configuration only)
Photon torpedo launchers (refit configuration only)

Deck 13
Observation deck (original configuration only)
Dorsal interconnects (original configuration only)
Photon torpedo launchers (refit configuration only)

Deck 14
Engineering support
Water storage

Deck 15
Deuterium fuel storage (original configuration only)
Matter injector (refit configuration only)

Deck 16
Deuterium fuel storage

Deck 17
Crew quarters (original configuration only)
Deuterium fuel storage (refit configuration only)

Deck 18
Power distribution subsystems (original configuration only)
Main power transformers (refit configuration only)
Sensor subsystems (refit configuration only)
Deflector subsystems (refit configuration only)

Deck 19
Main engineering
Navigational deflector (refit configuration only)
Long-range sensors (refit configuration only)

Deck 20
Shuttlecraft maintenance
Cargo bays (refit configuration only)

Deck 21
Life support systems
Cargo bays

Deck 22
Cargo bays (original configuration only)
Botanical section (refit configuration only)
Brig (refit configuration only)

Deck 23
Antimatter storage pods
Tractor beam emitter (refit configuration only)

Ships of the class:


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