Gomtuu (TNG-168)

A very old, organic spaceborne life-form, apparently the last of a species of living spacecraft which lived in symbiosis with the crew who flew it, communicating with them telepathically. The crew aboard Gomtuu had been killed due to the radiation from an explosion which penetrated Gomtuu’s skin, and since, Gomtuu has felt the loss deeply. Being a life-form with a social nature, the absence of Gomtuu’s crew had made it terribly lonely, and it had wandered aimlessly for centuries, finally coming to Beta Stromgren before the star went nova to end its life. Betazoid first contact specialist Tam Elbrun communicated with Gomtuu and discovered a kindred soul. The two became fast friends, deeply intertwined, and eventually, Tam decided to stay aboard Gomtuu for the remainder of his own life.[1]


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