Elbrun, Tam

Tam Elbrun (TNG-168)
Tam Elbrun (TNG-168)

Betazoid specialist in first contact with new life-forms. Elbrun was a telepath of extraordinary talent, but he lacked the ability to screen out the normal telepathic “noise” emanating from other humanoids’ thoughts. This caused Elbrun great emotional stress, for which he was hospitalized repeatedly. While a patient at the University of Betazed, Elbrun was cared for by psychology student Deanna Troi. As a first contact specialist, Elbrun participated in the notorious Ghorusda disaster, and later served as Federation representative to Chandra V. In 2366, Elbrun was assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D for the strategically significant “Tin Man” first contact. Elbrun, who had lived all his life desperately seeking isolation, found the living spacecraft Tin Man, which called itself Gomtuu, to be a kindred spirit.[1]

Portrayed by Harry Groener.


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