Day of Honor, Book Two: Armageddon Sky

What is the true meaning of honor?

DoH #2 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released September 1997

All Klingons revere the Day of Honor, their most sacred holiday, but the true nature of honor can be a matter worth fighting over . . ..

Dispatched on a secret mission to investigate a series of raids, Commander Worf of Deep Space Nine and the crew of the Defiant find themselves trapped on a an alien world threatened by global cataclysm—trapped along with Klingons who were exiled to this world for their loyalty to Worf’s dishonored family. Worf must find a way to save the Klingons whose honor bade them to keep their pledges to the House of Mogh despite the orders of the Emperor, and to prevent a bloody massacre that will forever stain the honor of the Klingon Empire!

Written by: L.A. Graf
Day of Honor concept by John J. Ordover and Paula M. Block


Guest Cast:

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