Adin, Darryl

Born in 2321, Darryl Adin was the chief of security on the U.S.S. Cochrane NCC-59318 when he rescued Tasha Yar from a rape gang in the failed New Paris colony[1] on her homeworld of Turkana IV[3] in 2353.[2] Adin served on the Cochrane until 2355, and was then assigned as assistant security chief on the U.S.S. Copeland, and then the U.S.S. Seeker. He was decorated when, on the planet Twenginian, he routed a nest of Orion slavers and received a broken back, and then, on Conquiidor he freed two hundred Federation civilians from Orion slavery. He was assigned to the U.S.S. Starbound as chief of security after that. The Starbound was attacked, and most of its crew slaughtered by Orions in 2360, and Adin was court-martialed for suspected sabotage. He was drummed out of Starfleet, becoming, under the alias Adrian Dareau, the mercenary Silver Paladin. In 2364, it was proven that Chief Engineer Nichols had been the true saboteur on the Starbound. Adin declined to reenter Starfleet.[1]


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