U.S.S. Cochrane NCC-59318

Oberth class (ST-03)
Oberth class (ST-03)

In 2366, the Oberth-class Starship Cochrane performed a survey of the planet Eloh, using only unmanned space probes in an effort to avoid being visible to Elohsian technology, which was equivalent to that of 20th century Earth. The Cochrane found the Elohsian world to be severely damaged by an ongoing military conflict.[3] The Cochrane transported Admiral Norah Satie to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D on Stardate 44769.2.[1] Nearly six months later, on Stardate 45208.2, the Cochrane transported Cadet Wesley Crusher to the Enterprise while he was on leave from Starfleet Academy.[2] On Stardate 46379.1, it transported Dr. Julian Bashir and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax to Deep Space Nine.[5] In 2371, the Cochrane was ordered to transport dignataries from various Federation planets to Earth so that they could discuss the rising threat from the Dominion. Shortly after, the ship transported Nev Reoh and Starsa to Oppalassa and came under attack by Klingon warships.[4] On Stardate 51721.3, the Cochrane reported numerous casualties suffered during the Dominion War.[6] Named for the Human inventor of warp drive, Zefram Cochrane.


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