Fire on High

A single weapon may doom a planet!

NF #06 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released Apr 1998

On the planet Armista sits a nameless woman. High upon a mountain, she is cradling a weapon unlike anything the Armistans have ever seen. She rocks back and forth on her haunches, singing softly to herself. The weapon is her only company on the planet, since everone else is little piles of ash. A weapon that could destroy life one one planet could do so again.

Lieutenant Robin Lefler‘s mother died in a shuttle explosion ten years ago. So is the woman being held prisoner in Thallonian space really Robin’s mother? If so, what is her connection to the mysterious woman holding a weapon that could doom entire worlds?

With the lives of billions at stake, Robin Lefler, Captain Calhoun and the crew of the U.S.S. Excalibur must find the answers before time runs out for them . . . and for the struggling remnants of the once-great Thallonian Empire.

Written by: Peter David


Guest Cast:


The shuttle bay doors remained sealed, but Morgan Lefler, mother to Lieutenant Robin Lefler, did not see that as being a problem for much longer.

From the shuttle’s control panel, she targeted the bay doors and opened fire. The phasers blasted outward, pounding into the doors and easily smashing through them, sending large pieces of the triple-layered duranium doors tumbling into space.

She prepared to lift off . . . and that was when something ricocheted off the front of the shuttle, tumbling away. Then she heard something much fainter, a bump against the lower section of the ship.

“I don’t believe it,” she said.

Ambassador Si Cwan, former prince of the Thallonian Empire, was clutching the right warp nacelle of the shuttle, with bare seconds to live before the howling vacuum of space dragged him to his death . . .

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