Denorios Belt

A charged plasma field in the Bajoran system that hosts the Alpha Quadrant end of the Bajoran wormhole. Though ships had always avoided it, a stranded Kai Taluno first reported odd phenomena there in the 22nd century; five of the nine known Bajoran orbs were found within it over the 10 millennia prior to 2369, and 23 navigation reports of severe local neutrino disturbances were on record. In 2337, some 32 years before the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, it was also where Constable Odo was found.[1] An extremely rare and violent plasma disruption in the belt on Stardate 47182.1 forced the evacuation of Deep Space Nine for all but a skeleton crew, and a Trill named Verad tried to hijack the Dax symbiont.[2]

The chance of sail damage from an ion storm while passing through the belt was one reason Miles O’Brien discounted the legendary solar-sail flight of an ancient Bajoran to Cardassia. But in recreating the journey, Ben Sisko and his son, Jake, proved it could have occurred—it was believed that tachyon eddies in the Denorios Belt propelled the solar-sail vessel across interstellar distances at warp speed.[3]


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