The Captain’s Table, Book One: War Dragons

Captains Kirk and Sulu must stop an alien war!

CT #01 Cover

  • Kirk: Stardate Unknown
    Sulu: Stardate 8730.1
  • Released June 1998

There’s a bar called The Captain’s Table, where those who have commanded mighty vessels of every shape and era can meet, relax, and share a friendly drink or two with others of their calling. Sometimes a brawl may break out but it’s all in the family, more or less. Just remember, the first round of drinks is always paid for with a story . . . even beyond the final frontier.

Captain James T. Kirk must join forces with Captain Hikaru Sulu, new commander of the U.S.S. Excelsior, to resolve a simmering political situation in a distant star system. For more than twenty years, the ancient enmity between Nykkus and Anjiri has resisted the best efforts of Federation diplomats. Now Kirk and Sulu have one last chance to end the bloodshed—before it erupts into a full-scale interstellar war!

Written by L.A. Graf


Guest Cast:


The door to The Captain’s Table was where Captain Kirk remembered it, looking as always like the entrance to a supply cabinet rather than to the cozy tavern he knew lay within. Plain, nearly flush with the Martian stone of this ill-lit subterranean passageway, it was set apart from the other more ostentatious establishments on either side by nothing except a neatly painted sign just to the right of a hand-operated doorknob.

Captain Sulu cocked his head with a thoughtful wrinkling of his brow, and Kirk knew he was trying to remember why he’d never noticed the little entrance before. “This must be new,” the younger captain decided at last.

Kirk hid his smile by stepping forward to take hold of the door. “I found it the first year I commanded the Enterprise, but some captains I know claim it had been around for dozens of years before that.”

Sulu gave a little grunt of surprise, then moved back to let the door swing wide. “Sounds like the Federation’s best kept secret.”

A gentle smell of warmth, and sound, and scent rolled over them like a familiar blanket. “More like the galaxy’s most exclusive club.” With that, Kirk pulled on the doorknob and, just like a dozen times before, found himself inside The Captain’s Table without specifically remembering stepping through the doorway . . .

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