Annorax (VOY-176)
Annorax (VOY-176)

Krenim scientist who worked to develop a temporal weapon of mass destruction. In an alternate timeline, Annorax was one of the greatest mass murderers in the galaxy, rivaling even the Borg Collective. In this alternate timeline, Annorax successfully developed the Krenim temporal weapon ship and used it against the Rilnar, enemies of the Krenim. Unfortunately, Annorax had failed to adequately consider the complexities of temporal mechanics. The elimination of the Rilnar from history left his people susceptible to a deadly disease that left some fifty million Krenim dead, including his beloved wife. Annorax spent the next 200 years using his temporal weapon, trying to restore his people’s original timeline, but each use brought further unpredicted side effects. In the process, he destroyed thousands of worlds, eliminating untold trillions of innocent lives from history, but he was never able to entirely restore his people.[1] Annorax was reunited with his wife when his ship was attacked by the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656, causing a temporal incursion that removed the Krenim ship from the timeline, undoing all the changes to history it had wrought.[2]

Portrayed by Kurtwood Smith.


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