Z’gal class

Z'gal class (FASA-2301)
Z’gal class (FASA-2301)

The Z’gal class cruiser, designated D-9 by Starfleet, was brought into service during the Four Years War to act as a research vessel. For years, the Klingon Empire had been halted in its attempts at expansion. The Z’gal class, which was Klingon for “seeker,” was constructed to lead an effort to outflank the Federation and expand the Empire’s borders. The first ship of the class was commissioned in 2255 and was immediately sent into the Empire’s expansion area. These ships and their accompanying scout ships were to map new areas and evaluate the cultural levels of any indigenous races encountered. The war with the Federation ended one year after the the class entered service, and the sense of urgency for the flanking expedition diminished.[1]

After the end of the Four Years War, most of the facilities set up to produce the Z’gal class cruisers were converted over to warship designs, and only 82 were produced. The class was produced at Gnuu Re’, at a rate of three per year, and was still operating in spinward areas. Of the 82 built by 2281, 68 remained in active service, 9 had been destroyed, three were listed as missing, and two were sold to private interests in the Triangle.[1]


Length 160 meters[1]
Width 110 meters[1]
Height 24 meters[1]
Mass 100,500 metric tons[1]
Crew 380[1]
Passengers 40[1]
Shuttlecraft 4[1]
Cruising Speed Warp 6[1]
Emergency Speed Warp 8[1]
Weapons 4 KD-5 disruptors; 1 KD-4 disruptor[1]


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