Update 28 Sep 2008

I’ve removed the all_logs page, splitting its contents into several new pages to facilitate easier updates in the future.

  • Chronological Listing, all stories: the majority of the content from all_logs is on this page, which combines the television/film, book, comic, and game lists into a single reference in chronological story order
  • Television/Film by release date: new page listing all television episodes and feature films in release order
  • Books by publication date: the existing “all books” listing
  • Comics by publication date: new page listing all comic books in publication order
  • Games by release date: new page listing all games in release order

The Mission Logs index page has links to these new pages, as well as the existing series links. The Television/Film and Games lists are currently incomplete.

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 Site Updates

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