Garth of Izar

Has Captain Garth been cured — or will his madness return?

Cover (TOS #099)

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released March 2003

Garth of Izar: The legend of Captain Garth, the hero of Axanar, has spread throughout the Federation. His exploits are required reading at Starfleet Academy—where he became a hero of a future legend, James T. Kirk . . .

Garth of Izar: Brutal injuries sustained on Antos IV forced the native Antosians to heal him by means of giving him their natual shape-changing abilities. But the cure proved worse than the disease, as Garth was driven insane . . .

Garth of Izar: His madness apparently cured at the rehab colony on Elba II, Captain Garth has returned to service to mediate a crisis on Antos IV, with the aid of Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise. But has Garth truly put his insanity behind him, or will he renew his plans for conquest—starting with the Antosians?

Written by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski


Guest Cast:


“Welcome, Captain Kirk!”

The voice had the same commanding tone Kirk knew so well from his earlier encounter with the madman. “And Commander Spock, and of course the good Dr. McCoy! How good it is to see you again!” Garth bowed gracefully in the direction of Yeoman Wodehouse. “And I see that you’ve brought along your beautiful aide as well.”

Kirk glanced at the other figure of Garth sitting by the fire, and saw him dissolve into the form of a fair-haired and muscular young male. The young Antosian looked up at Kirk with fear in his eyes, and Kirk understood why this Captain Garth had seemed so listless, so lacking in energy and charisma.

Kirk turned back to the remaining Garth and knew then that he was not speaking to his hero, to the rational captain who had traveled with him to this planet, but to the insane Lord Garth who had somehow reasserted himself in Garth’s body.

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