Doctor’s Orders

With Doctor McCoy in command, the Enterprise faces a deadly alien attack

TOS #050 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released June 1990

When Dr. McCoy grumbles once too often about the way the Enterprise ought to be run, Captain Kirk decides to leave the doctor in command while he oversees a routine diplomatic mission. Kirk beams down to a strange planet nicknamed “Flyspeck” to negotiate its admission into the Federation, leaving Dr. McCoy to enjoy his new authority.

However, the doctor soon learns that command is a double-edged sword when Kirk disappears without a trace. Desperately trying to locate his captain, McCoy comes under pressure from Starfleet to resolve the situation immediately. Matters go from bad to worse when the Klingons arrive and stake their own claim on Flyspeck.

Then another, more deadly power threatens them all, and suddenly, Dr. McCoy and the Enterprise find themselves pitted against an alien fleet in a battle they have no hope of winning.

Written by: Diane Duane


Guest Cast:


“Here. Sit down.”

McCoy stared at him.

“Come on,” Kirk said. “Have a seat. It’s nice and comfortable; you can sit here and dictate your report. I’m leaving you the conn.”

McCoy was outraged. “You can’t do that.”

“Of course I can,” Kirk said. “I can leave anybody with the conn that I please, most especially a department head and a fellow officer. This is Captain’s discretion.”


“Get down here.”

McCoy walked down to the center seat, and very slowly, very gingerly, lowered himself into it. It was indeed very comfortable.

“You have the conn,” Kirk said. “I’ll be back at the end of the shift. Have fun.”

“Mmf,” McCoy said as Kirk walked away, and the Bridge doors closed on him.

I’m going to get him for this, McCoy thought.

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