Dreams of the Raven

A mysterious alien attack cripples both the Enterprise and Dr. McCoy!

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TOS #034 Cover

  • Stardate 5302.1
  • Released June 1987

A merchant ship’s frantic SOS sends the Enterprise speeding to the rescue! But the starship’s mission of mercy soon becomes a desperate struggle for survival against a nightmarish enemy Captain Kirk can neither identify nor understand, an enemy he must defeat without the aid of one of his most trusted officers.

For the Leonard McCoy Kirk knew is gone. In his place stands a stranger—a man with no memory of his Starfleet career, his family, his friends . . . or the one thing James T. Kirk needs most of all.

His dreams.

Written by: Carmen Carter


Guest Cast:


A nasty tingle crept up the base of Kirk’s neck…

Spock’s voice rang out. “Captain, bio-scan readings are inconsistent with our profiles of the Frenni race.”

Instinct, rather than thought, moved Kirk to action. His voice rang out to Engineering. “Mr. Scott, recall the shuttlecraft.” He edged forward on his seat. “Mr. Sulu, prepare to raise shields as soon as those ships are back aboard.”

“Kirk, what hass happened?” came the bewildered voice of the alien as the shuttlecraft turned back towards the Enterprise.

Kirk hesitated.

“Captain, why thees gamess with uss? Pleasse hurry, we hass injured needssing medical care.”

“Captain,” Spock said. “Energy output levels in their engine room are increasing.” On the viewcreen, the cruiser began to turn slowly.

Jim felt the soft snap of a trap springing shut. “Scotty, get those shuttles landed! We need to raise shields!”

“Five seconds, Captain.”

Kirk chanted the count to himself. “Now, Sulu!”

But even as the helmsman moved to obey, the Frenni craft burst into motion, racing straight for Enterprise.

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