Deep Domain

Beneath the seas of Akkalla hide the seeds of its future—and the secrets of its past!

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TOS #033 Cover

  • Stardate 7823.6
  • Released April 1987

A routine diplomatic visit to the water-world of Akkalla becomes a nightmarish search for a missing Spock and Chekov, a search that plunges Admiral Kirk headlong into a corrupt government’s desperate struggle to retain power.

For both a Federation science outpost and Akkalla’s valiant freedom fighters have begun uncovering the ancient secrets hidden beneath her tranquil oceans. Secrets whose exposure may mean civil war for the people of Akkalla—and death for the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

Written by: Howard Weinstein


Guest Cast:


“Stand by for evasive maneuvers, Mr. Chekov.”

Spock shoved the throttle control to maximum. The G-forces squeezed them back into their seats.

“Damn.” Chekov glanced up from his scanner. “They’re still closing on us. They were built for this… we weren’t.”

Spock replied by yanking the throttle back, cutting their speed to a standstill. The pursuing Chorymi ships rushed past.

Chekov grinned wickedly. “Good move, Mr. Spock.”

“Not good enough, I’m afraid,” Spock replied. The tactical screen showed the dogged Chorymi fighters hadn’t given up. Within seconds they were back in weapons range, and fired another volley.

Spock and Chekov felt the shuttle take two hits at the stern. A muffled explosion shook the ship, and the cabin lights flickered…

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