An ancient eveil stalks the corridors of the Enterprise!

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TOS #030 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released July 1986

Long before the Federation, a powerful force invaded our galaxy and almost destroyed it . . . a force that began with possession and madness, and ended in murder!

A Starfleet research expedition to the farthest reaches of the galaxy has unearthed that force once again . . . and brought its silent evil back to the planet Vulcan. Now Spock must defeat the demons that threaten his friends and family, or the Enterprise will become the instrument of the galaxy’s destruction!

Written by J.M. Dillard


Guest Cast:


“Jim?” McCoy called. “No point in going in there. They’re both out cold.”

Kirk stopped at the entrance to the little room and half-turned toward the doctor. McCoy could not see his face. “Just wanted to check on Anitra,” he said easily. “No harm in that, is there?”

There was a heartbeat’s pause. No harm, that McCoy could see… yet there was something wrong with the question, with the way that Kirk stood in the doorway. McCoy realized that the hairs on his scalp and neck were standing straight up.

“Dear God,” McCoy whisperd. “Jim–“

Kirk’s back relaxed. “Something wrong, Doctor?”

“Yes. Yes, there’s something wrong,” McCoy croaked, forcing the words from his throat against their will. In the midst of his terror, he was suddenly struck by anger at what had been done to his friend. “Just what in hell are you?”

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