The Federation’s ultimate war machine–captured by terrorists!

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TOS #029 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released May 1986

Star Empire is the Federation‘s most powerful new weapon–a dreadnought, first in a class of super-starships–capable of outgunning a dozen Klingon cruisers, or subduing a galaxy.

On the eve of her maiden voyage, Star Empire is stolen by terrorists who demand a rendezvous with the Enterprise–and with Lieutenant Piper, stationed aboard Kirk‘s ship on her first training cruise. Now Piper must discover why her friends from Starfleet are among the terrorists . . . and why they insist the ship was stolen not to attack the Federation–but to save it!

Written by: Diane Carey


Guest Cast:


Into our viewscreen rose a dazzling ship… lights glowed red, blue, yellow, white… Star Empire!

“What is the purpose of your mission?” Kirk demanded.

“That will be revealed only to your boarding party.”

“We will not comply with terrorists,” our captain said.

The young face on the viewscreen, a face whose nuances I thought I knew, paused for response. “We must speak in person, Enterprise. Please comply.”

Captain Kirk gazed into that face as though the young man had just walked up and tweaked his nose. “Mr. Spock?” he invited.

Spock tilted his head. “Security. Place Lieutenant Piper under arrest. Charge: conspiracy with terrorists.”

“Sir — no!”

Security yanked me away…

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