Dwellers in the Crucible

The Romulans turn kidnappers–to shatter the Federation from within!

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TOS #025 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released September 1985

Warrantors of Peace: the Federation‘s daring experiment to prevent war among its members. Each Warrantor, man or woman is hostage for the government of his native world – and is instantly killed if that world breaks the peace.

Now Romulans have kidnapped six Warrantors, to foment political chaos – and then civil war – within the Federation. Captain Kirk must send Sulu to infiltrate Romulan territory, find the hostages, and bring them back alive – before the Federation self-destructs!

Written by Margaret Wander Bonanno


Guest Cast:


Uhura was at her post when suddenly her console began to flicker and beep.

“…Enterprise, come in Enterprise… Gamma 7 calling Enterprise, come in please…”

The signal was faint, full of gaps and heavy with static, and the voice was not Sulu’s.

Enterprise here,” Uhura said crisply. “You’re very faint, Gamma 7. I can barely read you…”

“This frequency too risky. Can’t hold channel long. We have a priority data feed…”

The relays fed in a whole string of numbers and Uhura’s pulse began to race. These were the trade route coordinates Sulu had promised just before they lost contact! It meant he was alive and still free to move about. Or had been, at least long enough to broadcast his findings… If Sulu can’t get out on his own steam, she thought, they’ll never be able to retrieve him…

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