Shadow Lord

Spock and Sulu are swept into a savage power struggle on a primitve, beautiful world!

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TOS #022 Cover

  • Stardate 1831.5
  • Released March 1985

Angira is a primitive, violent planet – and young Prince Vikram returns from Earth filled with new ideas. When Sulu and Spock accompany Vikram home, they walk into a bloodbath: reactionary forces, afraid of any modernization, have seized Vikram’s rightful throne. Suddenly the men from the Enterprise are on an underground journey with a Prince who is coming of age. The future of Angira is at stake, and each man’s survival depends on his skill – and daring – with a sword!

Written by Laurence Yep


Guest Cast:


The bandit yelled in pain and Sulu slid his blade free. There was blood on the point. From somewhere to his left, another bandit screamed – Urmi’s work. The prince was still busy with Lord Tayu.

Panting for breath, Sulu turned back to the other bandits. But they weren’t nearly as enthusiastic as they had been before. Finally, a large man with a huge cutlass started toward Sulu. And Sulu tensed. The man’s cutlass was large enough to break Sulu’s own blade if he wasn’t careful. But on the other hand, it ought to be a clumsier weapon. It would be a test of Sulu’s own quickness – and perhaps his luck…

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