Web of the Romulans

Kirk and the Enterprise battle an enemy warship, an amorous computer–and a galaxy heading for war!

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TOS #010 Cover

  • Stardate 3125.3
  • Released June 1983

Ravaged by a killer virus, the Romulans enter Canara, where the only antidote can be found. Desperate, they incite a victorious Enterprise attack on one of their vessels – but Kirk discovers their ruse.

Meanwhile the central computer has fallen in love with him, severely crippling the Enterprise. Now Kirk must bring the antidote to the Romulans – before the galaxy crashes over the brink of war!

Written by M.S. Murdock


Guest Cast:


“Or Canara will die. The incendiaries have been set. In one minute the fields will be aflame. In one hour there will be nothing left.”

“You will destroy yourselves?” The Praetor could not keep the horror from his voice.

“Perhaps. But we will maintain what we are. And we will not have helped our enemies. You see no evidence of warfare? But we are a warrior people. We have spent our lives in constant warfare against our environment. We must fight to survive. And we have learned to prepare ourselves. We are prepared for you.”

The Praetor’s face was a mask of failure.

“The interview is over.” Joramm’s voice was suddenly sharp. “You and your fleet will depart Canara or Canara will die.”

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