The Klingon Gambit

The crew of the Enterprise are losing their minds!

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TOS #003 Cover

  • Stardate 4720.1
  • Released October 1981

When Captain Kirk and his crew are ordered to Alnath II to challenge the deadliest Klingon starship, Terror, they’re ready for anything — or so they think. But the defenseless Vulcan crew of a Federation science ship has been wiped out. The remaining members of the Alnath II mission have discovered a fabulous ancient city — but their report doesn’t make sense. The Klingon battle cruiser has the Enterprise in its sights, and is ready to destroy it.

But Captain Kirk can’t seem to make decisions. Spock has started to throw temper tantrums. And Chekov has disobeyed vital orders.

The crew of the Enterprise are losing their minds… one by one… all victims of…

The Klingon Gambit

Written by Robert E. Vardeman


Guest Cast:


The Enterprise is about to be destroyed.

“Status report, Mr. Sulu,” Kirk demanded as he made his way to the command seat.

“Klingons are increasing the attack, sir.”

“We canna survive more’n ten minutes at this rate, Cap’n!”

Kirk slammed his fist against the armrest of the command seat. He couldn’t fight. He dare not open fire. The Enterprise might outmaneuver the Klingon ship, but it couldn’t outrun or outfight it.

“Captain, awaiting your order to fire…”

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