The Squire of Gothos

A powerful entity known as Trelane torments the crew of the Enterprise.

Star Trek title

Trelane (TOS-18)

Gothos (TOS-18)

Mother & Father (TOS-18)

  • Stardate 2124.5
  • Released 12 Jan 1967

In Space Quadrant 904, eight days away from Colony Beta Six, the Enterprise is trapped in orbit around an uncharted planet. There, Captain Kirk is confronted by Trelane, an illogical but extremely powerful alien. Although he appears to be an adult humanoid fascinated with the history of Earth, Kirk reasons there is more to him than his outward appearance–and challenges him to a duel. When Trelane loses, he sentences Kirk to hang. In the nick of time, the alien’s parents appear to rescue Kirk and the Enterprise from their playful son.

Written by: Samuel A. Peeples
Directed by: James Goldstone


Guest Cast:

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