Tomalak (TNG-155)
Tomalak (TNG-155)

As one of the most visible Romulan leaders along the Neutral Zone of the 2360s, Tomalak enjoyed playing the role of sneeringly diplomatic soldier of his elusive people. Tomalak matched wits with Starfleet‘s Jean-Luc Picard several times over the years and was outmaneuvered on each occasion. In 2366, he had to back down after a spy craft that violated the Neutral Zone was discovered with survivors on Galorndon Core,[1] and later was completely surprised when plans to expose his own service’s Admiral Jarok as a traitor with a faked Nelvana III invasion story were calmed when three Klingon ships decloaked to back up the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D.[2] In 2370, he confronted Picard during incidents surrounding an anti-time rift.[3][1]

Portrayed by Andreas Katsulas.


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