War Drums

When Klingons and humans collide, only Lt. Worf can prevent utter destruction.

TNG #023 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released October 1992

The planet Selva—a lush colony world settled by a hardy group of humans, who found the planet already inhabited by a small gang of young Klingons. When violence erupts between the two groups, Captain Picard and the U.S.S. Enterprise are sent to render assistance.

Worf leads a landing party to the planet while the Starship Enterprise is called away on another urgent mission. On Selva, Worf and his party find that the old hatreds and prejudices between humans and Klingons are revived, and the settlers are out for blood. Now, Worf must prevent a horrible massacre, before all of them fall prey to Selva’s deadly secret… and raging fury.

Written by: John Vornholt


Guest Cast:


“Get in there! Move it!” Worf yelled.

The Klingon pushed two more people through the hatch and got a whiff of sheer sweat, terror and anxiety. He wasn’t looking forward to going inside—until he heard the noise.

The noise was the sound of hundreds of tree trunks snapping at once, a mountain of debris clattering along at 400 kilometers per hour. It was a dull, horrifying roar, and Worf found himself tossing the colonists through the tiny hatch.

Worf could barely hear his own words as the roar filled his senses and the ground vibrated with impending doom. The Klingon never moved faster or more efficiently as he leapt through the hatch and spun the wheel shut behind him. He braced himself on the wheel, daring the terrible, oncoming force to rip the hatch from his grasp…

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