The Peacekeepers

The U.S.S. Enterprise discovers a derelict space station—and a world where war has been outlawed!

TNG #002 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released September 1988

Exploring a deserted alien spaceship, Lt. Commander Data and Lt. Geordi LaForge suddenly find themselves transported light-years away—into the middle of a deadly conflict!

While Captain Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise search feverishly for the missing crewmen, Data and LaForge discover they are in a station almost identical to the one they were exploring, high in orbit around an Earth-type world. Years before, the occupants of that planet accidentally stumbled onto the ship and its advanced technology—and since then have used its weapons to keep the nations on the planet below disarmed, and at peace.

Now their own arrival has precipitated a crisis on the station. Somehow, Data and LaForge must find a way to restore trust between the planet below and the station’s guardians up above—before a final, destructive war breaks out!

Written by: Gene DeWeese


Guest Cast:


“Are you the builders?” The leader of the three gestured sharply, then pulled himself up straighter and looked directly into the shimmering silver of Geordi’s VISOR.

“Come,” he said stiffly, perhaps fearfully. “We would be deeply honored if you would allow us to conduct you into the presence of our leader. His lifelong desire has been to be granted the opportunity, before his death, to meet the ones who made it possible for him to keep our world from destruction.”

“And we would be most pleased to meet with the one who accomplished such a feat,” Geordi improvised. “Wouldn’t we, Data?” he added in a quick whisper that only the android’s sensitive hearing could detect.

A look of understanding flickered into Data’s golden eyes.

“Yes,” he said, “we are greatly interested in speaking with your esteemed leader.” And then, as he stepped close behind Geordi, he produced a closed-lip whisper that would’ve done a ventriloquist proud: “my experience in matters that require deception are quite limited, Geordi, but I will ‘follow your lead.'”

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