Subspace Amplifier

The subspace amplifier was an unmanned cylindrical buoy. In stowed form, two semicylindrical panels wrapped around a narrow lower cylinder, which was topped by a wider upper cylinder, then a dish antenna. After deployment, the panels hinged out on arms, remaining parallel to the main body, and the dish pivoted downward. As part of its mission, the Enterprise NX-01 deployed its first “subspace amplifier” in order to improve communications. The Enterprise dropped Echo II, a subspace amplifier, in a “clean launch” 100 light years from Earth, and it very quickly made contact with Echo I. Both amplifiers were later destroyed by unknown aliens. Two days travel at maximum warp got the Enterprise approximately fifteen light years, back to a position where they could relaunch another amplifier. This would imply that there was an existing comm-net extending out from Earth in the direction of the Enterprise for at least 60 light years, and possibly further.[1]


Monday, July 5th, 2010 Enterprise, Library, Technology

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