Starbase 4

Starbase 4 (TOS DC v2 78)
Starbase 4 (TOS DC v2 78)

Initially contructed in the late 22nd century to support Federation colonization efforts,[4] Starbase 4 eventually became an administrative center for the Lyris Corridor[3, 4] between Tellar and Deneb.[4] Commanded by Commodore Jack Kerr in the 2260s, Starbase 4 housed a large administrative unit of the Federation’s department of colonial management, as well as temporary housing for up to two hundred thousand people in readiness for emergencies requiring mass evacuation. A civilian court at the starbase also administered justice for colonies too new to have established their own justice systems.[3]

In late 2267, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 dropped off several children rescued from the doomed Starnes Expedition to Triacus at Starbase 4.[1] Several months later, in early 2268, a shuttlecraft was stolen from Starbase 4 by Lokai, and was recovered two weeks later by the Enterprise.[2]

During the Federation’s great expansion into the Alpha Quadrant during the early 24th century, Starbase 4 became a test-bed for terraforming and replicator technology. It has temporary quarters with full life support for over a quarter of a million people (one of the largest orbital settlements in the Federation) and remains one of the most cosmopolitan places in Starfleet.[1]


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