Starbase 11

Starbase 11 (TOS-14)
Starbase 11 (TOS-14)

A planetside base[1] located on the starkly beautiful colony world Yko,[4, 5] Starbase 11 was home to the largest cluster of Starfleet administrative offices outside Earth,[4] and was one of the key Starfleet administrative facilities in the Beta Quadrant, as well as one of the emergency “continuity” offices of Starfleet Command itself, should anything happen to Earth.[5] Commanded by Commodore Stone — who oversaw the court martial of Captain James T. Kirk for the apparent death of Lieutenant Commander Ben Finney[1] — until 2266. Soon after Kirk’s court-martial, command passed to Commodore José Mendez, and soon thereafter, Commander Spock abducted the crippled Fleet Captain Christopher Pike in order to deliver him to a new life on Talos IV.[2, 3]


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