Starbase 10

Starbase 10 (TOS DC v1 A2)
Starbase 10 (TOS DC v1 A2)

A space station located near Gamma Hydra IV, Starbase 10’s most important duty was to monitor the activities of the Romulan Empire near the Neutral Zone.[3] The original strategic base defending the Neutral Zone against Romulan incursion, Starbase 10 was screened and supported by the critical Gamma Hydra cluster.[4] Between its construction in the 2170s to 2266, it slowly became a scientific support base as well; following the Romulan incursions in the later 23rd century, it added a state-of-the-art medical facility in case of war.[3, 4] Like Starbase 173, it remained at heightened alert status,[4] and thus lacked the relaxed atmosphere of more secure starbases; everyone was constantly on edge, wondering just who might be an impostor working for Romulan intelligence.[3]

Starbase 10, which was the destination of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 after leaving Deneva in 2266,[1] was originally slated to become the command of Commodore Stocker in 2267, but after his rash actions aboard the Enterprise disgraced him,[2] command passed instead to Commodore Gerald Williams.[3]


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