Shran (ENT-76)
Shran (ENT-76)

Shran was the commander of the Andorian force searching the sacred Vulcan monastery of P’Jem in 2151. During this operation, Shran first met Captain Jonathan Archer of the Starship Enterprise NX-01. Shran believed Archer was collaborating with the Vulcan monks to hide a long-range sensor array in the monastery, and tortured him in an effort to obtain information. Soon, however, Shran found himself in Archer’s debt when the captain provided him with evidence of the sensor array.[1] Shran later repaid this debt to Archer by leading a rescue mission to save the captain and Subcommander T’Pol from rebels on Coridan.[2]

When the Andorians and Vulcans found themselves engaged in combat over possession of a planet known as Weytahn to the Andorians and Paan Mokar to the Vulcans, Shran eventually turned to Archer to mediate the dispute, as he felt he could trust the “pinkskin” to be fair in the matter after witnessing Archer’s even-handedness at P’Jem.[3]

In 2153, Shran followed the Enterprise into the Delphic Expanse, where he and his crew captured a prototype Xindi weapon under orders from the Andorian Imperial Guard. The weapon was destroyed by the Enterprise, but not before scans were made of its interior, which Shran surreptitiously shared with Archer and the Enterprise crew.[4]

In early 2154, Shran again came to the aid of the Enterprise during the battle with the Xindi weapon as it entered firing range of Earth, declaring that “this time, Archer owes me!”[5] Several months later, Shran led an Andorian fleet hidden in a nebula preparing to strike against an increasingly hostile Vulcan military, where he was met by the Enterprise and Ambassador Soval, and he eventually helped them restore the balance of power.[6]

Shran’s ship was destroyed in November 2154 by a remote-controlled Romulan Warbird equipped with holographic masking technology that made it appear to be a Tellarite ship. He and the other survivors were rescued by the Enterprise, which was ferrying Tellarite diplomats to a conference on Babel One. The Tellarite ambassador, Gral, killed Shran’s lover, Talas.[7] Shran challenged Gral to a duel, but Archer took Gral’s place, and ended the duel without killing Shran by cutting off one of his antennae. Honor satisfied, Shran aided Archer in stopping the Romulan drone vessels from inciting further chaos in the region.[8] After discovering that the remote pilot of the Romulan vessel was an Aenar telepath, Shran led Archer and the Enterprise to Andoria, to locate the Aenar and determine their involvement.[9] Portrayed by Jeffrey Combs.


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