Rigel class

Rigel class (LUG-25100)
Rigel class (LUG-25100)

Length 215 meters[3]
Decks 6[3]
Crew 70[3]
Emergency Capacity 330[3]
Cruising Speed Warp 5[3]
Maximum Speed Warp 9.2[3]
Weapons Type VII phaser arrays; 2 torpedo launchers with 75 photon torpedoes[3]

Authorized by the Coreward Exploratory Directive in the 2320s, Rigel class vessels were designed for exploring the border of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants towards the core of the galaxy. The vessels’ long-range fortitude later made them a staple of the Federation Merchant Marines.[3]

Ships of the class:

Name Registry
U.S.S. Akagi[2] NCC-62158
U.S.S. Arcturus[3] Unk.
U.S.S. Barnard[3] Unk.
U.S.S. Deneb[3] Unk.
U.S.S. Polaris[3] Unk.
U.S.S. Rigel[3] Unk.
U.S.S. Sirius[3] Unk.
U.S.S. Tolstoy[1] Unk.


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