Luna class

Luna class (TTN #4)Luna class (TTN #4)

Federation long-range exploration vessel. The Luna class measured 454.3 meters in length, 203.9 meters in width, and 80.7 meters in beam; it held 9 auxiliary craft and had a crew complement of 350, with an emergency capacity of 6000.[3]

Ships of the class

Name Registry
U.S.S. Amalthea[3] NCC-80108
U.S.S. Callisto[3] NCC-80109
U.S.S. Charon[3] NCC-80111
U.S.S. Europa[3] NCC-80104
U.S.S. Galatea[3] NCC-80112
U.S.S. Ganymede[3] NCC-80107
U.S.S. Io[3] NCC-80105
U.S.S. Luna[3] NCC-80101
U.S.S. Oberon[3] NCC-80103
U.S.S. Rhea[3] NCC-80110
U.S.S. Titan[1] NCC-80102[2]
U.S.S. Triton[3] NCC-80106


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