Koss (ENT-83)
Koss (ENT-83)

Vulcan male. Koss was an architect, and was betrothed to T’Pol during childhood. Before T’Pol was assigned to the Enterprise NX-01, she and Koss had met only four times. Because marrying Koss would have forced T’Pol to leave her post, she broke the engagement in 2151.[1] T’Pol was pressured to marry Koss three years later, and did so in exchange for her mother, T’Les, regaining her teaching position at the Vulcan Science Academy.[2] The marriage was short-lived, however, as Koss released T’Pol from their marriage following the death of T’Les during the Syrannite incident in late 2154, acknowledging that the only reason T’Pol had married him was for her mother’s benefit, a reason which no longer existed.[3]


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