U.S.S. Hanson NCC-2309

Chandley class (FASA-2217)
Chandley class (FASA-2217)

The first combat experience of any Chandley class vessel was considered a total sucess. While patrolling in the Gorn Sector, the Starship Hanson received a distress call from a commercial freighter stating it was under attack by unknown vessels. Upon reaching the freighter’s coordinates, the Hanson encountered two Gorn cruisers engaged in a boarding action against a Liberty class freighter. When ordered to withdraw, the Gorn ships raised shields and opened fire. The Hanson made short work of the Gorn vessels, but the Marine boarding parties found their task difficult at best, encountering Gorn marines who refused to give ground easily.[1]

Victory was won only after the Starfleet Marines gained access to the life support systems and shut them down. When the bridges of the Gorn ships were entered, it was discovered the Gorn bridge crews had all committed suicide. Interrogation of prisoners revealed the ships had defected from the Gorn Hegemony and were operating as renegades. The Hanson‘s marines sustained only three fatalities and 17 casualties; all units involved received Commendations of Valor. This was the first time a Gorn ship had been boarded by Starfleet personnel; much of the contemporary knowledge of Gorn ships stemmed from this encounter.[1]


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